Amazon Launch CLUB

All Savings. No spam.

What’s The Deal?

In addition to our website, we also sell products on  Amazon is a tough market place, and getting attention on new product listings is difficult. One of the best ways to get noticed is to have actual sales, plus reviews. But if no one can discover your product, this is nearly impossible! The more sales and reviews a product has, the more discoverable it becomes for new customers.

We’re looking for your help to drive early sales and provide feedback on our newest products. Our way of saying thank you is to offer you savings that will range from 50% to COMPLETELY FREE. 

What are the products? 

We are currently working on our new ‘Herb Seed Collection‘. Next month we’ll be releasing a window shelf that adheres to the inside of a glass window to create a ledge on which to grow plants using natural light. Beyond that we’re working on indoor lighting, growing containers, and an entire ecosystem of indoor gardening products. 

How does this work?

Our emails about new products will contain two types of offers:

1) We’ll provide a link to find the product on Amazon and a coupon code for 50-75% off. You get immediate savings. We get early sales velocity, which helps future customers discover us. 

2) You buy the product and leave a review. We’ll refund you the purchase price, meaning you get the product for FREE. 

Sound interesting? You know what to do below.