4 Tips For Getting Started

4 Tips For Getting Started

Nov 15, 2017nate

We’ve all been there once;  a complete beginner, the ultimate ‘brown (or is it black?) thumb’. Maybe it was a housewarming gift or birthday present? The WORST part of having a plant die on you is having to let your well intentioned friend know that you just weren’t ready for the responsibilities of being a Plant Mama (or Papa)

Fortunately there’s a ton of solutions that can take some, if not all, of the guess work out of growing plants at home these days. Here’s 4 Tips For Getting Started that will ensure your next attempt is a success!


Your location determines the temperature, amount of light you get and amount of rain. Be sure to choose varieties that are suitable for the time of year and location.

Those of us lucky enough to have outdoor space also need to think about whether it makes more sense to set up your garden indoors or out. This blog will help you navigate that decision.

Of course one of the benefits of indoor gardening is that you isolate your plants from the external environment. In many cases this means your growing season can be extended.


After a lack of watering, the #1 reason that indoor plants die is a lack of light. Natural light is great, if you have it, but in dense urban environments many of us don’t. The symptoms of insufficient light are pretty clear; tall, weak, leggy looking plants that may topple over while still seedlings.

This article explains the importance of light, and follows with a simple set up you can build yourself for less than $40 that will ensure you have enough light all year round!


How much time are you willing to dedicate to this hobby? Are you the disciplined type, who will remember to water your garden every day, or is a more ‘relaxed’ maintenance regime more your thing? Hey #We’reNotJudging 😉 Only you know the right answer, but just keep in mind that in the early stages the risk of over-commitment is high, but equally so are the chances of failure if this is a trap you fall into.

Be realistic about how much time and commitment you can spare, and chose a setup accordingly. It’s no secret that we’ve designed the World’s Smallest Garden for the more ‘casual’ gardener. If daily watering ain’t your thing, then a product like this that can take care of watering for weeks at a time might be what you need.


Are you looking to save money, engage the kids, or just enjoy the many health benefits of living with plants? Whatever your intentions, we always recommend starting small. Getting set up with pots, soil, seeds, watering cans, gloves, tools, fertilizers and all the other supplies you’ll need can quickly add up. Start with a basic setup first – you can always scale up later.

For the complete novice, our $8 single pack might be an option if you just want to ‘test the water’ (pardon the pun). If you end up deciding that this isn’t for you, then that’s ok – at least you haven’t lost too much. We use biodegradable materials, so you don’t even need to stress about the long term landfill consequences.


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