The Urban Leaf Christmas Gift Guide for Dads

Woah, hold up. Is it the holiday season already? Well, if you're reading this blog in the hopes of finding something super cool to gift your dad, then it definitely must be! I think we both know that your dad has probably received enough ties and caps to last him three lifetimes, so why not get him something he can dig his hands into (literally)! Whether your pop is a first-time gardener or a master seedsman, you're sure to find the perfect Christmas present for him in this gift guide.

Gardening Gift Idea for Dad #1: Urban Leaf Garden Trio Kit

Our classic Garden Trio Kit has always been a crowd favorite, and for a good reason! This all-in-one gardening starter kit has been specially designed for beginner and indoor gardeners to make growing as easy as one-two-three. The Garden Trio Kit comes in three varieties:

If your dad loves spending time in the kitchen, the Culinary or Mediterranean Garden Trio Kit will make a great addition on his countertop, where he can pick fresh herbs to flavor his dishes anytime. The Fruit and Vegetable Garden Kit would also make a fun side project for dads who have a little more gardening experience. Needless to say that whatever trio kit you choose, this best-selling Urban Leaf Christmas present is guaranteed to make your old man smile.

Gardening Gift Idea for Dad #2: Urban Leaf Microgreens Growing Kit

Microgreens have slowly been making their way into mainstream kitchen gardening, and we suggest they should make their way into your dad's garden this Christmas too! Not only are these tiny green sprouts jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, but they are also quick and easy to grow. It's no wonder why health buffs are obsessed with topping their salads and sandwiches with these baby vegetables!

Our Microgreens Grow Kit, which contains radish, lentil, kale, & mustard seed packets, is the perfect gift to give your health-conscious dad, who probably can't wait to shed off all the holiday pounds he just added to his waistline.



Gardening Gift Idea for Dad #3: Vita Grow Light

Has Dad been feeling down and gloomy lately, now that the short, dark days of winter are here? Then why not bestow upon him the gift of light? No, really - the Vita Grow Light from Soltech Solutions has an LED bulb that can illuminate your space with a brilliant, warm, white ambient light and support indoor plants' growth with its highly precise photosynthetic spectrum. So if your papa's got some plants growing inside over the winter, this grow light will be a literal life-saver! 

Gardening Gift Idea for Dad #4: Bamboo Work Gloves

Protect your dad's green thumb with the Bamboo Work Gloves from Pine Tree Tools. These breathable and durable gloves made of bamboo can keep your old man's hands warm during the winter when he's out pruning or planting. But it doesn't just stop there; the Bamboo Work Gloves can also be of great use whenever your pop might go fishing or do some reconstruction around the house. Oh, and the best part? The snug fit of these gloves makes them touchscreen-friendly, so your dad can still answer your call or text you back without having to take them off! 

Gardening Gift Idea for Dad #5: Dual-Chamber Tumbling Composter

Is your eco-conscious dad thinking of starting a compost pile? Well, look no further. The FCM Dual-Chamber Tumbling Composter allows anyone (even beginners) to make their own compost easily. Its compact design allows this tumbling composter to fit neatly in the corner of your dad's backyard, where he can throw in kitchen scraps, dried leaves, and plant clippings that will turn into nutrient-rich soil. All he's gotta do is fill it up, give it a couple of turns every few days, and he will have a fresh batch of earthy compost for his beloved garden.

Gardening Gift Idea for Dad #6: DoubleNest Hammock

 And of course, come springtime again, Dad will want to catch some Zs and relax after a whole day of doing dirty work in the garden. That's when he can whip out the ENO DoubleNest Hammock that you got him for Christmas! Once he secures the aluminum wire gate carabiners and nautical grade line to a good ole sturdy tree in his yard, your dad can take a well-deserved nap in the comfort of his new hammock while surrounded by the great outdoors.

If you enjoyed this gardening gift guide for Dad and are thinking of what to get your sweet loving Mama Bear, check out our Christmas Gift Guide for Moms. Happy shopping!