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Customizable Gardening Gifts – Sprouting To Life This Holiday Season!

Available For Christmas 2019

Are you tired of giving your guests, family or clients the same old pens, t-shirts of boring coffee mugs each year? What if there were a way to offer them a unique gardening gift with your personal touch?

Urban Leaf is pleased to offer our unique Bottle Garden kits in a single-pack form with fully customizable packaging as well as our gorgeous Herb Seed Kits with a fully customizable belly band / sticker.

  • The Single-Pack Bottle Garden comes with everything you need to turn an upcycled bottle (not included) into a functional and decorative self-watering planter. They pair well with a bottle of wine as a host(ess) gift or by themselves for chefs, gardeners, eco-conscious crowds or gadget lovers. We offer customization options starting at quantities as low as 100 up to 1000+.
  • The Herb Seed Kits include your choice of premium quality domestically sourced herb seeds, complete with a planting guide and come in a cute 3.5″ kraft gift box. Customization options start at quantities as low as 25 up to 1000+.

Not only are these kits a great way to take care of your gifting needs, but they’re also a steal! By ordering in bulk we’re happy to extend wholesale pricing – so you’ll be paying a fraction of the normal retail price. Cha-ching!

Let’s Put These Elves To Work!

So are you ready to put an end to boring old generic gifts this year? Let us help you leave an impression that lasts! Get started now by telling us about your project (click here) and we’ll get the elves* to work 🙂

*PLEASE NOTE: Urban Leaf does not actually employ elves. At this time of year the Santa-Claus Union has them tied up in long term labor agreements. Were it not for this, we’d love to hire them. Rather, we work with a non-profit organization called Mid Hudson Works which employs people like Mabel (below) to assemble your products right here in New York State. Truth be known; they’re even better than Elves anyway. Click here to learn more.

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