Let’s Throw Some Light On This

As you already know; all plants need light. It provides the energy that fuels their growth. But did you know that edible plants (including herbs, fruits and vegetables) have very different lighting requirements to normal indoor house plants?

The reason for this is that edible plants are relatively fast growing. Anything that grows quickly consumes a lot of energy. Think of them like teenagers. Fast growth rates need lots of light. 

Natural light is great, if you’ve got it, but the reality is that very few urban dwellers have spaces in their homes that receive 6-10 hours of direct unobstructed natural sunlight a day. For the majority of us that don’t, some sort of natural light supplement will be required to successfully grow edible plants indoors.  

What You’ll Need

Thanks to modern advancements in LED lighting technology it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to set up an elegant indoor lighting solution for edible garden. What’s more; gone are the days of those lights with the ugly purple glow and having to make your apartment look like a marijuana plantation. 

Our preferred grow light setup includes a lamp, timer and special full-spectrum LED bulb, It costs less than $40 to set up, and $10-20 a year in electricity running costs. 

How To Set It Up

Once you’ve done your shopping, the final step is to understand optimal lighting placement. Understanding a few basic principles about lighting is important because human eyes (thanks to our light-adjusting pupils) are incredibly ineffective at assessing light intensity. Thankfully there are some simple tools and tricks we can use to compensate for this fact.  

This is the PAR meter we use here at Urban Leaf to test light: