LED Light (7W)


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  • LED GROW LAMP FOR PLANTS: One of the hardest things about growing plants indoors is getting them enough light. This high-power energy efficient globe makes that easy – 365 days a year. You may not have sunshine, but don’t worry – this is the next best thing 🙂
  • FULL SPECTRUM WARM COLOR: This plant light puts out a warm white light – covering not only the essential red/blue frequencies but also the various light frequencies in between which are essential for optimal plant health. Don’t be fooled by alternative options that offer purple light. This is unpleasant to live with and offers almost nothing in terms of energy benefits / savings
  • LED GROW LIGHTS USE LESS POWER – BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Costs less than $2/mth in electricity in most states, plus best in class PAR value per watt (PAR = plant available light – i.e. high output relative to the energy consumed)
  • PLANTS LOVE INDOOR PLANT GROW LIGHTS: You ‘eat’ food, but plants ‘eat’ light. It’s the source of energy that fuels their growth. You won’t believe the difference proper lighting makes to the growth rates of your indoor plants.
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WARNING – This product is intended for the North American market, and uses 110 volts. Use of this product with any other voltage of power supply is not recommended and may result in personal injury and will almost certainly result in destroying the light itself. Please make sure you use a grow light that is compatible with your local electricity supply.  

This energy friendly LED grow light is perfect for enhancing growth on your indoor garden.

Edible plants including herbs need at least 6 hrs of direct light a day, and in urban environments getting this much light is sometimes a challenge. Having the correct amount of light for your indoor plants can often be the difference between a plant that thrives, and one that dies.

Optimal placement of this light is approximately 4 inches from your herbs, and we recommend an adjustable swing arm lamp (like a desk lamp)

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