Original Garden Kit x 6 Bundle

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These oldie-but-goodie original garden kits are selling at a steep discount to help you get gardening quick!

As seen on Kickstarter – 6,000 kits already sold.

The World’s Smallest Garden turns a bottle into a full-time plant-sitter, taking care of watering and feeding needs for up to a month at a time. A fun, easy and low maintenance way to grow fresh herbs – right on your windowsill. Simply insert the Garden into a bottle of water and you’re ready to grow!

Be it a birthday, house-warming, Christmas or dinner party, the World’s Smallest Garden makes the perfect gift!

The Bundle contains 6 x three-pack kits. Each three-pack kit includes:

  • NEW: 3 x Seed Varieties (sweet basil, purple basil and lemon balm)
  • 3 x Biodegradable corn-starch inserts, to suit most glass bottles
  • NEW: 3 x Germination stickers
  • NEW: 3 x Stickers to label your bottles (one for each plant variety)
  • NEW: Quick start guide

We will have you growing in 60 seconds or less! These kits DO NOT INCLUDE the bottles. We rely on the creativity of our customers to find a way to empty their own bottles. If you’d like help with emptying bottles, we offer a complementary bottle-emptying services. Please, drink responsibly 🙂

6 × Original Kit (Sweet Basil, Purple Basil, Lemon Balm)

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