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Lettuce Seeds

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1-2 weeks
Harvest after 1 1/2 months.
Part shade. 4+ of direct sunlight.


Sweet and compact, this lettuce green leaf is just as it’s named! It’s crisp and fresh, perfect for any salad and great grilled. With our lettuce seeds, In just over a month and a half of growing lettuce indoors, you'll have leaves showing. Some say it’s the most delicious lettuce. See for yourself!
    • 1-2 weeks
    • Harvest after 1 1/2 months.
    • Part shade. 4+ of direct sunlight.


    Additional information


    1 year (annual)

    Hydro / Soil

    Grows best in hydroponics (about twice as fast) but is happy in soil too.

    Container / Indoors

    Plant 1 site in a 6" (1 quart) container. In larger containers, space sites 4" apart. For each site press 2 seeds into the surface.

    Outdoor / Inground

    Plant 1 site per squarefoot. For each site, press 2 seeds into the surface.Thin to one plant per site once seedlings are ~1in tall.

    Plant Size

    Grows up to 6 inches, requiring 6 inches of space between plants.

    Taste & Nutritional Value

    Fresh, sweet flavor and crisp bite.
    High in Vitamin K and Folate,


    Lettuce is thought to have been first grown as a wild variety in Asia. From there, lettuce could be found in the palaces of noble Persian kings and queens and throughout the wealthy Roman empire. It was also eaten by peasants and nobles during feudalism. Interestingly, lettuce has been used as a cooling agent for fevers and inflammation.

    Recommended For (Recipes)

    Use lettuce as the base for an "everything but the kitchen sink" salad by adding all your veggies, nuts, cheeses, and dried fruits and bring it for lunch or have it as a dinner side or main.

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