Microgreens - Starter Growing Kit
Microgreens - Starter Growing Kit
Microgreens - Starter Growing Kit

Microgreens - Starter Growing Kit

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Perfect for city dwellers without a lot of space, this beginner-friendly microgreens growing kit will have you enjoying home-grown greens from the convenience of your windowsill just 7-10 days after setup.

Only the Urban Leaf Microgreens Growing Kit:

  • Contains 100% organic seeds and grow mats, 
  • Comes with premium grow trays standard (you don't pay extra for these) - made from dishwasher-safe bamboo fiber, and
  • Fits perfectly on our window shelf
  • Is Carbon Negative
Start a healthy gardening habit today that's good for you, and the planet. Combine this item with our Seed Club Subscription for year-round access to fresh greens.
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Additional information

We tried and tested every microgreens kit we could get our hands on when we were developing this product and set out to address the shortcomings of the other options. What makes this kit unique is:

  • It's size. We opted for smaller trays that yield 1-2 servings at a time, and reduce the inevitable wastage the results from using large grow trays in a small household. 3 individual trays allows you to stagger their starts, ensuring you can enjoy more variety and with maximum freshness.
  • The materials. We opted for a premium bamboo-fiber PLA plastic. Although this material costs us 3-4 more than the alternatives, we felt this was worth it to keep plastic out of landfills. This material has a ceramic-like feel. Other kits charge an extra $30-40 for a "premium" grow tray. For ours, they're included at no extra cost.
  • Self-watering. We have 2 patents pending on this design. The grow mats are not only organic, compostable, and 100% plant-based, but they also help the seeds water themselves. 


It's also worth noting that at the company level:

  • We have the best refund/replacement policy in the industry ("Any time, for Any Reason"), and
  • We are also the World's First (and only) Carbon Negative Gardening Company

  • 3 x Grow Trays. 4 x 4" ea (or 4 x 12" stacked next to each other). Self-watering, dishwasher-safe, and made from bamboo fiber biodegradable PLA.
  • 3 x Germination Lids. Made from recyclable PET.
  • 12 x Grow mats. Made from 100% compostable plant fiber. Refills sold separately.
  • 4 x Packets Seeds. 100% Organic and each containing enough for 3 harvests - i.e. 12 total. Refills sold separately.
  • 1 x Guide Book.
  • 1 x Free 156-page eBook download.

  • Measuring spoon

Depending on the stage of development of an edible plant we give it a different name. Sometimes we eat them as seeds (grains), some as right after they germinate (sprouts), and if we let them grow a little longer they become microgreens. Microgreens are typically harvested after they have formed a pair of starter leaves, though sometimes they’ve also just started to put out their “adult” leaves. Another term you’ll see for them is “shoots” – which basically translates to “large microgreen” and is used for plants where the seedlings are larger, like peas and beans.

You can learn more here

Microgreens are best eaten raw, 7-10 days after you 'plant' them. They are easily incorporated into most meals. For more information and some more practical tips click here

Microgreens are:

  1. Incredibly healthy. They contain up to 40x the nutrient density of their adult counterparts
  2. Easy to grow. No experience necessary, and not much light required. They can also be grown year-round as long as you don't let them get too cold
  3. Fast to harvest. Typically you'll be harvesting and enjoying them 7-10 days after setting them up. 
  4. Fun. Because they grow so quickly you'll really notice the progress from day to day. Other edible plants, by contrast, take much longer to mature. 

Learn more at this blog.

We like to categorize them as follows:

  • Microgreens with a Mild Flavor
  • Microgreens with a Spicy Flavor
  • Herbs that can be grown as Microgreens, and
  • Microgreens Shoots

they are all delicious, all edible, and you can learn more about each of them here

Refunds & Returns

All Urban Leaf products are backed by our Green Thumb Guarantee (we want more than anything to make a successful gardener out of you!) If you are not satisfied with our products, or cannot get them to work, please contact us for a refund or replacement.

reviews for Microgreens - Starter Growing Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Caitlin McCall (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Wonderful product!!

We loved watching our greens grow and couldn't believe how great they tasted and how easy it was! :)

Cindy Sauve (Portland, US)
Great job Urban Leaf!

As always, wonderful product. Packaging of the kit is superb, awesome for sending as a gift. Immediately started and it was just excellent and had yummy greens within a week. The E-book was also excellent and informative.

Lorelei McKinnon (Searsport, US)
What Fun!

As a throat cancer survivor who is limited to pureed foods only, nutrition is of utmost importance. Growing my own microgreens for my shakes ensures that I’m getting the most nutritional bang for my buck. It’s less expensive than purchasing microgreens at a store. Rotating the plantings in the the reusable, hydroponic trays ensure that a fresh batch is always available right on my windowsill. Plus, it’s just great fun and so easy! Yay for Urban Leaf!

James Bloir (DuPont, US)
Works Just Fine

Followed the directions and our first few batches turned out fine. We like the smaller size so we can have the right amount to eat.

Laura N
Sprouts made easy!

I love this product. The little boxes are pretty and grow just the right amount of sprouts in my kitchen! Sprouts on everything!😊

Love It

This microgreen kit arrives nicely packaged so that it is fun to open and start using right away. The instructions are easy to follow. The seeds had a high germination rate which is fantastic. The microgreens tasted great. We continue to use the trays for other seeds now that we ate all the ones that came with the kit.

Easy to use

I gave this as a gift to a friend who buys microgreens at a farmer's market and will miss that when it closes November 1. She was thrilled it had 3 trays for succession planting for continuous greens, or planting 3 different types of seeds at once. Also that the plastic housing would be easy to clean and that refill grow mats are available. The only negative thing: One of the paper seed packets had a hole worn in it where the seeds were being pressed against the plastic container. They were EVERYWHERE. Fortunately, seeds are cheap and I was able to easily replace them at Home Depot.

Great customer service! Great product!

There were no instructions so I contacted Urban Leaf directly and they sent me a pdf right away and followed up later. Great customer service. Also a great product. The trays are about the size of a drink coaster. This is the perfect size to decide if you like greens and also how much you’ll use. It’s really easy to use. I’ve used their seeds and microgreen seeds from other companies in their trays. I’ve had a 100% success rate. Fast growing, beautiful, tasty greens every time. While I have other systems, I will continue to use this one because it works so well!

Gwen G.
Super easy to use!!

I bought these to grow inside. And they are WONDERFUL!! 🤩 I loved them so much I bought a second kit. Pretty sure they will even fit on the smallest of window sills. I still had an 1 1/2” of room. I like the seed pads are reusable a few times too. Super cool and the greens taste AMAZING! :)

Very giftable semi-practical

It's a noble idea to make a mini microgreen kit
It could have been one notch bigger it gets lost in my kitchen very quickly but I could recommend this to someone living in a smaller space a studio apartment or tiny home somewhere this would be ideal for your microgreens. While I'm getting these seeds to sprout I am at the grocery store getting their microgreens and trying to figure out how to up my production. Very cute for a gift though if you know a health person that would be interested