Fertilizer #002

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Boost your garden's health with Return Fertilizer Recipe #002! This 2-LB pouch offers a nature-friendly, pet-safe fertilizer that's perfect for nurturing a variety of plants, herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

Made In The US


One 2-LB Pouch of Return Fertilizer Recipe #002.

  • Promotes deeper, greener plant growth.
  • Easy to use in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Non-burning, low-odor profile for pleasant gardening.
  • NPK ratio of 5-5-0, with 3% iron.
  • Ideal for both small and larger gardening projects.
  • Compatible with various soil types.
  • Gardening tools for application.
  • Suitable containers or garden area for use.

Assess Your Garden Needs

Determine which plants or areas of your garden need fertilization.

Application Rate

Follow the recommended application rate on the package. For a general-purpose fertilizer like this, spreading evenly over the soil surface is typical.

Incorporate into Soil

Lightly mix the fertilizer into the top layer of soil or apply as a top dressing for existing plants.


Water your plants after applying the fertilizer to help it begin to release nutrients into the soil.

Monitor and Reapply

Watch how your plants respond over the next few weeks and reapply according to the recommended schedule on the package, usually every 2-6 weeks.

Which Microgreens Kit Is Right For You?

Growing Methods hydroponic Hydroponic hydroponic soil soil hydroponic
Growing Medium Proprietary ‘seed quilts’ made from coconut fiber Virgin fluff fibers produced from non-chlorine bleached spruce wood none coco coir coco coir Jute matt
Includes a light no yes no no no no
Included seeds 2 varieties - varies 3 varieties Red Cabbage, Radish and Mustard none 4 varieties. Radish, Arugula, Beets and Tatsoi 4 varieties. Arugula, Beets, Komatsuna and Radish 6 varieties. Radish, Kale, Rainbow Mix, Mustard, Spicy Mix and Broccoli
USDA Organic Seeds? Some, not all Yes NA No No Yes
Grow Area 1 x Large 3 x Medium 1 x Medium/Large 1 x Small 1 x Medium 3 x Small
Refill Cost $$ $$$ $ $$ $$ $$

Which Grow Light Is Right For You?

Wattage 20W / 40W 20W 11W 16W / 32W 7W
PPF Small: 23.7 μmol/sec; Large: 42 μmol/sec 25.95 μmol/sec 17 μmol/sec - 7.3 μmol/sec
Efficacy (PPF/W) 1.05 - 1.2 1.3 1.55 - 1.05
Color Temperature 3000K 3000K 3000K 3914K 2700K
Mounting Hanging from wall or ceiling Inside a pendant or desk lamp Under cabinet or on a wall Under cabinet, wall or vertically Inside a pendant or desk lamp
Suitable For Anything Anything Houseplants, Herbs, Leafy Greens Anything Small herbs, seed starting
Water Resistant No No No Yes No
Cost $$$ $$ $$ $$ - $$$$ $

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Check Out Some Of Our Other Products

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  • Slow-Release Formula
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Saves on Watering
  • Time-Tested

This fertilizer has an N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) ratio of 5-5-0.

This 2-LB Pouch of fertilizer can be used to feed 8 plants for 8+ weeks—perfect for smaller gardening projects and smaller storage spaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John Burchfield
Ideal for use with grass, but can also be used on vegetables/herbs

I had good results using this fertilizer for my herb and vegetable garden. While I think it's formulated more specifically for grass lawns, it can be useful in other applications as well. Definitely worth a try in your garden at the price.

Good product

Received this fertilizer in the early fall and used it on my lawn for fall seeding and it has worked nicely. It was super easy to lay down and feed my lawn.

Ellis D.
Helped a patch of my lawn finally grow some grass

Theres been a patch in my lawn thats been either nothing but dirt on some months and other months is little bits of grass struggling to grow, been throwing some of this stuff on it to try and help promote the grass health a bit and so far it seems to be working as the patch is now nothing but grasswill probably be using this for my planned vegetable patch in the future!