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Thyme Seeds

Thyme Seeds

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2-4 weeks
Harvest after 3 months.
Full sun. 6+ of direct sunlight.


With a spicy, pungent flavor, summer thyme herb packs a lot of flavor into a small plant. It’s aromatic, delicate and a necessary culinary ingredient for a variety of savory dishes. Use thyme dried to flavor poultry, meat, fish, and grilled vegetables.
  • 2-4 weeks
  • Harvest after 3 months.
  • Full sun. 6+ of direct sunlight.


Additional information


Comes back every year (perennial)

Hydro / Soil

Does well in hydroponics or soil.

Container / Indoors

Plant 1 site in a 6" (1 quart) container. In larger containers, space sites 4" apart. For each site press 4 seeds into the surface.

Outdoor / Inground

Plant 1 site per squarefoot. For each site, press 4 seeds into the surface.Thin to one plant per site once seedlings are ~1in tall.

Plant Size

Height is variable. Requires 6-8 inches of space between plants.

Taste & Nutritional Value

Thyme is low in calories and high in Vitamin C, Iron, Manganese, and Copper. Spicy, pungent flavor.


Thyme’s reputation as a healer and protector dates back to the Roman era, where it was told that eating thyme before or during a meal provided an antidote to poison. In addition, it was said that a bath in warm water dosed with thyme could stop the effects of poison after it was inadvertently consumed. Thyme was also associated with courage, bravery and strength. Roman soldiers traded thyme as a sign of respect and nobility. Greeks and Romans burned bundles of thyme to purify their temples and homes, as well as to evoke a spirit of courage in those who inhaled it. Soldiers often also pinned thyme on their clothing or armor to ward off bad luck. Thyme has been used as a medicinal agent as an antiseptic, and today thyme is used in mouthwashes, hand sanitizers, and acne medications.

Recommended For (Recipes)

Pair lemon or orange with thyme to stuff chickens, turkeys, and tofurkey. Thyme also is delicious in omelettes and with cooked veggies. Try roasting baby potatoes with thyme and olive oil for a savory side dish.

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