Urban Leaf and Teens For Food Justice Partner to Build Brighter Futures Through Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Healthy Food

Urban Leaf and Teens For Food Justice share a vision for a future with an equitable, sustainable and healthy food system.  For this reason, Urban Leaf is delighted to announce a foundational partnership with Teens for Food Justice. This nonprofit organization trains youth in 21st century hydroponic urban agriculture, entrepreneurship, health, nutrition, and food justice advocacy. The organization seeks to empower teens as change agents in their own food insecure communities. 

You Grow, We Give.

With every kit we sell, we make a donation to Teens For Food Justice – Urban Leaf is excited to work with Teens For Food Justice to make urban farming education and fresh, affordable, healthy food more accessible – both to those who can afford it and those who can’t.

About Urban Leaf

Urban Leaf brings the pleasures and benefits of growing your own food to the city. They are a team of plant scientists, engineers, and food enthusiasts that specialize in creative solutions for growing food in small spaces. Their first product, the World’s Smallest Garden, is like a full time babysitter for plants. The small device up-cycles a bottle into a self-watering planter capable of providing a plant’s water and food needs for up to a month at a time.

About Teens For Food Justice

Teens for Food Justice is galvanizing a youth-led food justice movement! TFFJ works in Title 1 schools to train youth to become urban farmers. The students build and maintain indoor hydroponic farms that yield more than 22,000 lbs. of fresh produce annually at each location. TFFJ school farms also serve as youth-led centers for nutrition and health outreach to local low-income, food desert communities.

TFFJ’s young urban farmers experience the rewards of building a meaningful, working solution to food insecurity where nothing existed before. In the process, they transform their relationship with the food they eat, while developing the science and technology skills necessary for a new green sector economy.