Indoor Garden Design Inspiration for Fall

Indoor Garden Design Inspiration for Fall

Jul 19, 2021Nate Littlewood
Fall is a new opportunity for you to let your décor skills shine. Creativity is in full flow with Fall’s ever-present theme: “Out with the old to prepare for the new”. However, because the predominant colors of Fall are browns and yellows, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with ways to incorporate your healthy green plants into your indoor décor. Thankfully, there are plenty of plants with muted or complementary colors that will match the rest of your fall decor. Here are a few plants to consider when choosing your indoor garden design:

Orange Kalanchoe Plant

The classic vibrant Kalanchoe plant is a Fall time essential! Because it is well suited to very small pots, this plant can be added to your indoor garden design so many ways. My favorite way to incorporate this plant into my home is by finding fun and interesting ways to pot this plant. I’ll re-purpose a fall themed or tin coffee mugs, or I would use recycled glass jars and line them along my windowsill instead of traditional flower pots to add more character. These plants do need to be positioned near direct sunlight and watered regularly, but the reward is infinite!

Oxalis Triangularis

This plant is unique, drop-dead gorgeous, and a wonderful way to start a conversation. The muted purple and triangular leaves contrast the delicate flower it produces. It works as a beautiful accent plant for a coffee table or dining table. It is also the perfect plant for fall as it thrives in mild temperatures and dislikes direct sunlight, making it very easy to maintain.

Croton Mammey

One of my favorite indoor Fall plants is the Croton Mammey. With its yellow, red, and burnt orange veins, the colors found in the leaves are stunning and perfect for Fall. My favorite way to plant the Croton Mammey is in a beautiful gold or bronze Ceramic pot. A fun way to accent this plant would be to sit it next to your standard decorative pumpkin to compliment the vibrant colors. This plant is also very easy to care for, and only requires moderate light.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Not only is the Fiddle Leaf Fig great for fall, but it’s an amazing plant for all times of the year. Fall, however, is a great time to pick them up because many nurseries and garden centers run clearance sales this time of year. The Fiddle Leaf fig is notorious for thriving indoors, and providing vertical decor that many other indoor plants cannot provide. Fiddle Leaf Figs do like as much sun as possible, though, and are best when situated by your largest window. While the plant doesn’t require constant watering, the moisture of the soil should be monitored. During Fall, I love potting this plant in a large pot with distressed wooden accents to contrast beautifully with the vibrant green of the plant’s leaves and as an ode to the naked branches of the trees around us during this season.

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