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5 Best Indoor Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you a plant lover and have been wanting to start your own indoor garden but you do not have any idea on how and where to start? In this blog, we will talk about some indoor garden ideas that you can do for small spaces, such as apartment rooms or balconies.

How to Start Your Indoor Garden for Small Spaces?

To start your indoor garden for small spaces at home, you need to figure out which design you would go for. We listed our top 5 indoor garden ideas for small spaces below:

Indoor Garden Idea for Small Spaces #1: Floating or Hanging Shelf Garden

Floating or hanging shelves will let you display all your plants in a small space. It can even display your plants from floor to ceiling, maximizing the small space you have for your indoor garden. We recommend our Urban Leaf Window Shelf if you just want to try hanging a few indoor plants. All our indoor herb growing kits go well with our window shelf. If you have any of our microgreens growing kitsbottle garden kits, or herb garden trio kits, then this type of indoor garden for your small space is the one for you.

Indoor Garden Idea for Small Spaces #2: Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens are perfect for almost any type of indoor plant, but we recommend planting herbs in your kitchen. Our herb garden trio kits go well with this kind of indoor garden. If you want to try this type of indoor garden for your small space, make sure that your plants will still get adequate light. If there is no way for this, you can try installing grow lights as well.

Indoor Garden Idea for Small Spaces #3: Utility Cart Indoor Garden 


Utility cart indoor gardens are not just space-saving, they can also be very pleasing to the eyes! Get your cutesy utility carts from Amazon to start your own little indoor garden at home.

Indoor Garden Idea for Small Spaces #4: Indoor Planter Stand

This type of planter can be placed anywhere in your home if the light will reach your plants, or you can also use grow lights for places that do not really have that much light. Amazon has a lot of these types of planter stands and buying one from there will be your first step in creating your indoor garden for small spaces.

Indoor Garden Idea for Small Spaces #5: Pegboard Garden

This type of indoor garden design is also one of the most space-saving ones. You can mount it on your wall and buy hanging shelves or pots so you can place your plants there. Check out pegboards on Amazon.

What to Plant in these Small Spaces?

Almost any kind of indoor plant can be planted in small spaces, as long as the light is reaching them, be it natural light or light emitted from a grow light. Some of the most common ones are microgreens, herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can check out our products here and see which ones you would love to include in your indoor garden for the small spaces at your home!


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