What Should I Look for in an Herb Seed Packet?

What Should I Look for in an Herb Seed Packet?

Jan 13, 2022Danah Fabian

Most of our products include herb seed packets, so it’s important for us to inform you guys about what should you look for in an herb seed packet. 

What is an Herb Seed Packet?

First, what is an herb seed packet? An herb seed packet or a seed packet in general, not only includes the seeds that you will use for planting, but also includes important information about these seeds, such as plant name, plant photo, plant characteristics, sell-by dates, accreditations (organic, non-GMO), and other significant details about the seeds.

How to Decipher the Information on an Herb Seed Packet?

As discussed above, herb seed packets or any seed packet in general usually includes a lot of information, so it is important to know which details you should pay attention to and how to read them.

Pay Attention to the Specific Plant Name

Did you know that plants have their names in Latin due to their genus and species system, which was first developed by Carolus Linnaeus? Latin plant names are necessary especially in an herb seed packet, as common names for plants vary from different places. One plant may have one or more plant names, so it is very important to pay attention to the Latin plant name so you can know that you’re choosing the right plant variety.

Plant Characteristics or Descriptions are Critical 

This is also an important detail to look for in an herb seed packet as this part will summarize the plant’s main characteristics. This would be very helpful for you to easily discern the main features of the plant that you’re planning to grow.

Don’t Forget to Find the Sell-by Date

This is very very important, as this indicates the date when the seeds will expire. You don’t want to have expired seeds, so best to pay attention to sell-by dates in an herb seed packet.

Accreditations: Do they Matter? 

Definitely! Accreditations are also an essential part of an herb seed packet, especially to gardeners who only want to plant the highest quality of seeds, and those that want to plant organic or non-GMO seeds.

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