Where to Buy a Cilantro (Coriander) Plant

Where to Buy a Cilantro (Coriander) Plant

Aug 04, 2021Get UrbanLeaf Admin

Where to Buy a Cilantro Plant

  • One question we get asked a lot is: where is the best place to buy a cilantro plant? Well, there’s no single answer to tell you exactly where you can find a cilantro plant, but we’ll try to show you a few different places where you can start. If you’re looking to grow your own cilantro, starting from seed may not be your first choice for a variety of reasons. You may not want to go through the process of germinating seed from scratch, which can sometimes be tricky, or you may just want a larger, pickable plant from the get-go. Whatever the reason, we’ll outline a few places you can buy a cilantro plant, also sometimes referred to as a coriander plant.

Look for Cilantro Plants at Grocery Stores and Lawn/Garden Centers

  • Depending on the season, most big grocery stores and almost all lawn and garden stores will have edible plants, including cilantro plants, available for you to buy. This is an easy way to get started growing your own cilantro, and it’s a super convenient place to buy a cilantro plant already growing.

Check Farmers Markets for Vendors Who May be Selling Cilantro Plants

  • A lot of farmers’ markets have vendors who sell ready-to-plant herbs and vegetables. This might be a great place to start looking for a cilantro plant to buy since you can also probably ask the vendor for personalized planting and care instructions that you may not receive at a big garden store.

Keep an Eye Out for Farm Stands and Roadside Green-Vendors Who Might Sell Cilantro Plants

  • Depending on where you live and the time of the season that you look, you may be able to buy a cilantro plant from a local farm stand or roadside vendor. Just keep your eyes peeled for signs. It also never hurts to ask local farmstand vendors if they might be able to sell you a cilantro plant, since they may already have some growing just not necessarily on display.

Take a Peek at Local Listings, Bulletins, or Even Search “Cilantro Plants for Sale” on Craigslist

Local communities always have unique opportunities, and this might be the case if you’re trying to buy a cilantro plant. It never hurts to check local resources such as bulletins and other postings. Craigslist and even FB marketplace may be able to point you in the direction of someone willing to sell you a cilantro plant.

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