10 Ways To Use Lemon Herbs Instead of Regular Lemons

10 Ways To Use Lemon Herbs Instead of Regular Lemons

Aug 23, 2018nate

So everyone likes a good glass of lemonade on a hot summer day and the first business that anyone starts is usually a lemonade stand, so we kinda all know what to do with lemons, but who actually has a lemon tree in their backyard?

If you do, you’re lucky and I’m a little jealous. Everyone can grow lemon herbs though from their very own window garden kit – how cool! But what can you actually make with lemon herbs? Well, it turns out, quite a bit:

1: Vegan Lemon Balm Ice Cream

For a guilt-free and cold treat during the summer, using lemon balm instead of lemon juice can make a delicious ice cream! Just pulverize the Balm in your food processor, add a frozen banana and as much liquid as the mixture needs to turn creamy, possibly some oats if you’d like your ice cream denser. Just like that, you have a quick and amazing

2: No Bake Lemon All-Natural Bars

Before you toss in the lemon juice or lemon zest into you next bar recipe, consider adding Lemon Balm instead! Use your handy food processor to grind it with soft dates, vanilla extract, goji berries, cinnamon, and natural almonds or coconut according to your taste, with just 2 tablespoons of water or other liquid. Press the mixture into a parchment-lined pan and store in the fridge for a healthy snack!

3: Zoodles

If you happen to be a fan of zucchini noodles, you’ll be thrilled to learn that lemon basil pairs incredibly well with zucchini! Add during the final stages of creating your next pasta sauce for a light, yet unique twist to this classic dish

4: Honey

If you have ever infused your honey with Mint before, you know a subtle new flavor can change it entirely. Just stuff half of a mason jar full of Lemon Basil leaves and fill the rest of the jar with honey. Let it sit for a month, strain out the leaves, and you have a delicious, sweet and tangy spread to put on almost anything!

5: Fruit Salad

You don’t even need to cook these lemon herbs to have a great dish. Simply chop up as much Lemon Balm as you desire and throw it into your next fruit salad instead of your usual lemon juice, and you get all the same tang with none of the messy wetness that comes with the juice!

6: Roasted Vegetables

If you like to have the slight juicy tang of lemon when you roast your vegetables, look no further! Finely chopping or dicing some sprigs of Lemon Basil and adding it onto your roasted vegetables as they come fresh out of the oven will still impart the same great taste without the added moisture, and even adds a hint of basil flavor to make the meal that much better.

7: Jam

When you make your own berry jam, crush a handful a Lemon Balm and throw it in the jar too! This will let you get a nice, subtle lemon and herb flavor to our jam without the risk of adding too much liquid to your jam, like you would get from adding lemon juice. Instead of traditional recipes, you can opt for a special, low-methoxyl pectin which thickens your jam with no need to add so much sugar, allowing you to use other sweeteners like stevia, honey, or even just fruit itself.

8: Alcoholic Drinks

While you can simply use Lemon Balm to replace Mint in a Mint Julep, you could just as easily fill a mason jar with half Lemon Balm and half of some cheap vodka, let it sit in a cool, dark place for a month, and have the perfect base for lemon-based drinks next girl’s night!  

9: Muffins

Next time you make muffins or cookies, grind up a little bit of Lemon Balm and add a hint of lemon zest to give them a subtle, tangy flavor without needing to balance out any extra liquid from lemon juice! This way, you get the same result with much less work involved.

10: Tea

No different from Lemongrass, if you dry out Lemon Balm, you can use it to create a beautiful and tasty tea that comes with a hint of lemon right out of the cup – no additives needed!

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