It's All About Positioning - The Best Places to Put Indoor Plants

It's All About Positioning - The Best Places to Put Indoor Plants

Jul 16, 2024Danah Fabian

There’s no doubt that plants are the perfect solution to spruce up a dull space. But aside from beautifying your room, plants can also purify your air, and if you’re growing edible plants like we are, they can provide you with a scrumptious snack, too (oregano cheese muffins, anyone?). However, maintaining a thriving garden inside the four corners of your house is not always an easy feat. So before you get into it, we want to tell you the first and most important thing you need to know about growing indoor plants, and that’s where to put them. Here are some tips on properly positioning your plants indoors to keep them healthy and growing.

Understand the Lighting

We all know that plants need light to stay alive, and the best source for that is natural light. Ideally, the best spot to put your indoor plants is beside a window. Most plants need bright but indirect light, but edible plants love full sunlight! So, the most ideal place to position them is right up against the glass of southern windows.

Of course, not all plants require the same amount of light. Some prefer shadier areas, while others thrive in direct sunlight. Getting the lighting right can be tricky if you’re a beginner plant parent. Fortunately, we created a guide for a light map tailored explicitly for indoor gardeners. If that doesn’t quite work out for you, don’t give up just yet; grow lights are a great alternative! You can read more about setting up grow lights for your indoor plants here.

Consider Temperature and Humidity

While it’s tempting to position plants to match your décor, it’s essential to consider the best environment for them. Besides lighting, think about temperature and humidity. Avoid placing your plants in areas where the temperature fluctuates significantly throughout the day. Most plants prefer a constant temperature of about 60-75°F and a reasonably humid environment.

During the colder months, windowsills might not be the best place for your indoor plants as these areas tend to get drafty. Move them a few inches away from the window and use a grow light during these cooler months. If you have an herb garden, consider moving them closer to your kitchen for easier access when cooking. If your home has central heating, it could be too dry for your plants in fall and winter. Using a humidifier or misting your plants can help keep them thriving.

Where to Put Your Indoor Plants

Now let’s dive into the best places to put your plants. Remember, this is just a guide, and your plant positioning should still largely depend on lighting, temperature, and humidity.


Placing plants around the corners of your home can make your space look bigger. Put them on shelves, window sills, the side of your door, or any corner, and your room will look more spacious and vibrant. Tomatoes do well with plenty of sunlight, so these are perfect beside your windows or a large screen door.

Hanging Planters

Indoor Hanging Planters

If you are tight on space, consider purchasing a hanging planter and hanging your plants from the ceiling or walls. Just make sure not to hang them where people might constantly bump their heads. Also, keep in mind that you need to water these plants, so consider the drainage system before hanging them. Herbs like dill, parsley, thyme, mint, and oregano can thrive well in hanging baskets, so maybe consider a hanging herb garden.

Get Creative

Make use of your space by getting creative. For example, if you have an old ladder lying around, you can set your plants on its rungs. If you have empty spaces above your cupboards, put a plant there too. Just remember that heat rises, so if your plants are positioned in high spots, they may require more water.

Another cool idea is to put your plants on a bar cart. A mobile plant station allows you to easily move it anywhere whenever your plants’ lighting and temperature needs change. Plus, using a bar cart to display your plants is stylish and can make for a great conversation piece when guests visit. Once you find the perfect spot for your indoor plants, don’t forget to give them the TLC they deserve.

Water your plants accordingly, drain them properly, feed them some plant food, and protect them from pests. If you’re a newbie gardener and want something easy to grow in your house or apartment, try our Bottle Garden Kits. These come with a Green Thumb Guarantee, meaning if you don’t get these to grow, we’ll replace them for free or give you your money back. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get growing!

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