Kickstarter FAQ

Kickstarter FAQ

Jul 19, 2021nate

We’re really excited about bringing this project to life and helping more people grow food at home. The following is a list of some of the more common questions regarding Urban Leaf’s Kickstarter campaign for the World’s Smallest Garden.

For more general Kickstarter related questions their own FAQ may be a better source of information, and our press release provides more information about the product itself.

What is Kickstarter and how does it work?

Kickstarter is a platform that helps bring new product ideas to life. It is NOT an equity crowdfunding platform. By contributing to our campaign you are effectively agreeing to pre-purchase a product. You are NOT investing in the company itself.

Why is Urban Leaf doing a Kickstarter campaign?

We’re doing this so that we can show more people how fun and easy growing food at home can be.

What is Urban Leaf going to use the money for?

The proceeds from this campaign will allow us to produce more of the World’s Smallest Garden than we are physically able to do today. Scaling up production involves a number of large one-off costs. Justifying these large one-off costs requires a significant demand for the product. Contributing to the Kickstarter campaign is the easiest way for you to tell us that you would like to buy the product. If, and only if, we reach our campaign target will the project go ahead.

How much is Urban Leaf targeting to raise?

The final number will be announced closer to campaign launch, but it will be an amount sufficient to justify the one-off costs mentioned above.

What is the product?

The product, or ‘rewards’ (for your contribution), are based on our patented product – the World’s Smallest Garden. It will come in a variety of forms and packagings to suit various customer types.

How long will the campaign last?

The campaign will last 3o days, after which our focus will shift toward manufacturing the product and shipping it out to you!

When does the campaign start?

The campaign will start on May 22nd, 2017

How can I help?

Glad you asked! The ultimate success of the campaign is largely determined in the first few days. The strength of funding contributions within this period determines whether or not the project gets picked up as a ‘Staff Pick’. If we become a ‘Staff Pick’ our distribution increases significantly and the project has a MUCH higher chance of being a success. If we miss out on being a ‘Staff Pick’ the project may still succeed, but the chances of doing so are lower. So, if you do plan to buy the product please do so early! We’ll be offering some great incentives for doing so 🙂

How can I contact Urban Leaf with questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Please use the Contact Us page via the main menu.

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