Leslie Halleck joins Urban Leaf as Company Advisor

Leslie Halleck joins Urban Leaf as Company Advisor

Feb 11, 2022Nate Littlewood

Urban Leaf is excited to announce that starting this year, Leslie Halleck has joined our team as a Company Advisor. 

We first encountered Leslie and her work in the plant space a few years ago when we became interested in grow lights. In fact, her book 'Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers' was one of the first we read in our quest to better understand this product category. 

Leslie has over 30 years experience hybridizing horticulture science with home gardening, and we've already put her work reviewing all the exciting new products we're working on in 2022 (and yes, one of them is a grow light ;) 

The whole team over here at Urban Leaf is super excited to be working with Leslie, and together progressing our goal of becoming the world's #1 source of indoor edible gardening inspiration, knowledge and solutions. 

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