5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy From Urban Leaf

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy From Urban Leaf

May 14, 2021Danah Fabian

Are you looking for a small gardening business to ignore, and never buy from again? We’ve got 5 Good Reasons why it should be us! We also created a whole Youtube video for this topic. Check it out here.

1. You’re Looking for a ‘Plug-n-Play’ Gardening Appliance 

Urban Leaf specializes in teaching people how to garden. Many of our peers specialize in teaching machines how to garden, leaving us humans to simply act as spectators in the process. If you’re looking for an automated machine that produces basil like Nespresso produces coffee, then we are not the right company for you. We believe that whilst technology can have its place in gardening, too much of it is a distraction. Too many gadgets deprive us of the very ‘experience’ of gardening that we seek to provide and the connection with nature that those of us in urban settings are so often lacking.

There are several established companies that specialize in teaching machines how to garden, and some of them do it very well. We’re happy to share our thoughts and recommendations if this is the direction you want to go in.

2. You have a huge outdoor space and you want to grow a gigantic food forest or tomato tree 

Urban Leaf caters for Indoor and Urban Edible Gardeners. That’s all. We put a large amount of time and effort into cultivar selection, and some of our suppliers tell us that we are their fussiest and most annoying customers. We’re very proud of that. 

When we select seeds to put in our kits and seed selections, we screen the available options for attributes that make them well suited to indoor and urban gardening. This includes things like dwarf size or compact stature, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and low light suitability. That’s not to say that our plants don’t need TLC, but if you’re wanting to grow a gigantic tomato ‘tree’ in your backyard then you should probably buy your seeds somewhere else. Our focus is fitting as much as we can into small spaces.

3. You Don’t Want To Learn About Gardening 

Plants are living things, and they need to be cared for. If you want something green to put on your windowsill that you can neglect for weeks at a time, then consider shopping elsewhere for a cactus. If you want a robot to take care of your plants for you, we’re also not the company for you.

Here at Urban Leaf, we teach people how to garden, and not computers. We’re a team of plant-loving-eco-warriors, and our website, emails, and YouTube channel are all intended to provide you with the understanding and knowledge you need to become a successful indoor or urban gardener. 

4. You’re Looking for Cheap Seeds For Your Garden

If you’re looking to spend 79 cents on a packet of seeds, then try Home Depot or Lowes. We do not deal in cheap seeds. In fact, some of the cultivars we purchase (see also #2) cost 10-20 times more than more common ‘generic’ options. For this reason, you may also notice that we typically have fewer seeds per envelope than many of our peers. That’s because we favor quality over quantity and whilst they might be tiny some of these seeds are ridiculously expensive! The cultivars we offer are completely different from what you’re going to find at the local hardware store. 

5. You’re Looking for Urbn Leaf

Urban Leaf (with an ‘a’) is a New York-based start-up that sells indoor edible gardening kits and accessories. That’s us. Urbn Leaf (no ‘a’) is a weed dispensary in San Diego, CA. 

If you contact our customer service team looking for a joint I’m afraid we can’t help you. Although our herbs might be less fun to smoke, we can assure you they are more fun to eat. Wait, actually….. Anyway, you get the point 😉

Ok. So now that we’ve cleared that up, who’s ready to plant some basil?

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