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Set Up

Before You Start

Before You Start

Find a good spot Make sure its possible for your herbs to receive 6+ hours per day of light.

Want to speed it up? Soak your tomato and pepper seeds overnight to speed up germination.

3 Essential Elements Make sure you re able to provide the below maintenance to ensure your herbs growth.

1. Watering 
Watering requirements will vary significantly depending on your environment and plant size, but your watering interval is likely to be between 1-4 days. We recommend checking the soil moisture daily for the first couple of weeks until you get a feel for the right frequency for your environment.

icon Once you have the right routine figured out, set reminders to help you maintain a schedule.

Unsure about when? Just give the soil a poke. It should be damp and spongy (not dry and dusty or wet and sludgy!)

2. Lighting
All plants need light, and edbile plants need more of it than most. These plants require full sun in order to grow.

What is full sun? 6+ hrs/day of direct unobstructed sunlight.

Don’t have enough natural light? Consider purchasing a grow light

3. Temperature
All plants need light, and herbs need more of it than most. These plants require full sun in order to grow.

Ideal temperature for your edible garden is 65-70°F

A general rule of thumb. If you’re cold, your plants are probably cold too. If you’re warm, they could be feeling warm too.

Gather Materials

Gather Materials

In addition to all the materials included in your kit, you will also need:

  • Large bowl
  • Liquid measuring cup

This can get messy! Make sure the area you’re working in can get a little dirty. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, grab a spoon too.

Mix soil with water

Mix soil with water

Place all discs in a bowl and pour 2 1/4 cups(or 3/4 cup per soil disc) of warm water over discs. Wait a few seconds. Then fluff up and break apart any dry parts.

Fill up the pots

Fill up the pots

Place the soil into the pots, a handful at a time, keeping the soil light and fluffy. Once full, press the top to even out surface.

Extra, extra! You can use a small amount of leftover soil to cover the seeds with soil in the next step.

Should I wash my hands? Next step involves touching some more soil.

Plant the seeds

Plant the seeds

Remove the Pepper and Tomato seeds from the water, then place 2-3 seeds roughly 1/4″ below the surface.

The Strawberry seeds can just be scattered over the surface, and gently padded.

Don’t forget to label your plants! Your kit comes with pre-made labels to make it easy to remember which is which

Germination Tip: Cling saran wrap over the top of your pots until you see sprouts to speed up germination by trapping in some humidity

Can I wash my hands yet? Yes, set up is all done – but this is just the beginning! Keep going to learn how to keep your herbs healthy.

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