Grow Light Recycling Program

Electronics products such as grow lights contain precious materials that we’d like to avoid wasting! WE’d love your help in keeping them out of landfill. Recycling products like grow lights creates an opportunity for the metals, glass and plastics from which they are made to get a second life. 

Please use one of the following options if you have one of our grow lights that has come to the end of its life or is no longer needed:

Hardware Stores

Home Depot and Lowes will accept all types of lights, from LED lights to CFL’s (which contain mercury and need to be recycled properly), and even string lights.

Local waste programs

Check with your local recycling center or department of sanitation about any special programs they may have for special components. These may be monthly dates for special component dropoff, or even more frequently depending on what state or county you live in. A quick online search for your local town clerk will give you a good phone number to start with.

Send it back to us – for free

If you can’t find any local resources for recycling a grow light product you’ve bought from us, please use the form below to contact our support team. We will provide you with a pre-paid envelope so that you can mail it back to us for recycling.

Request A Free Return