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French Parsley and dill did not grow.

The basil grew fine but the other two, the french parsley and dill did not grow. I was very disappointed and I followed the instructions for growing.

Window Shelf
Heather L Resig (Claysburg, US)
Exactly what I needed

I love that I this allows me to keep my microgreens in the sunshine and out of the reach of my cat who wants to eat them all. Perfect size, hold on the window is great, and it looks cute on my window. Purchasing more to expand my indoor garden.

Windowsill Microgreens Kit
Anonymous (St Louis, US)
Worth the money

Wonderful, my seeds are just starting to sprout and they are so cute, this makes me love plants

Windowsill Microgreens Kit
Barbara B (Hanover, US)
All Good

Growing sports like crazy!


I love the idea of a bottle garden. It didn't take a lot to find empty champagne/wine bottles!

Hey, what else are we meant to do while stuck at home besides empty wine bottles and garden...? ;)

Window Shelf
handy, but the dimensions are inaccurate.

I bought this to attach to the side of my terrarium - 12" would have been exactly the best width, but the shelf is actually 12.19" wide, leaving the supporting structure hanging beyond the sides of the terrarium. I've found another use for it, but I am disappointed that it didn't do what I meant for it. the suction cups are strong; it's critical to clean the surface and wet the cups when installing.


Works great as a grow light. Have it in my desk lamp providing light for a number of succulents, (~6"-10" from them) and it works great! No etiolation, and lots of growth!


This thing has been on maybe 6 hours daily for almost a year and it's still going strong.

Seed starter

Really good seed starter. The directions dont say when to repot. The roots after a month don't go past the plastic cage yet. I have them sitting in a north facing windows so they are not hit by direct sunlight.

Garden Trio Kit
Jade yeager Yeager (St Louis, US)
Worth it

So worth the money

Microgreens Refills - Discovery Bundle (6 pc)
Patricia White (Louisville, US)

One of the seed packets had a side seam split, so the seeds spilled out. Some of the seeds were lost through a small opening in the shipping box.

Windowsill Microgreens Kit
Patrice Cousins (Frederick, US)
Excited to Start Growing / Disappointed in Packaging

I’m excited to try the Urban Leaf Microgreens kit. Unfortunately when I received my package seeds were everywhere. There were two open packets of seeds. The main kit was in good condition and the instructions were clear. However I purchased the additional seed packages and each box had a packet that the seam was open. Poor quality control. I did put together the kit which was easy and the instructions were well written and clear. I’m on day 2 and the microgreens are already starting to sprout. I’m excited to be able to grow them right at home in the quantities my family can use. The containers are the perfect size and look very nice.

Hi Patrice, sorry to hear about the issues you had here! We've had a bunch of issues with our previous seed packager. Obviously when we assemble the kits the envelopes are fine, but the issue is that these envelopes are splitting apart because we have so many seeds in them!

Happy to send you a refund or replacement for this, and you'll be pleased to know that our net batch of seeds will be with much better envelopes :)

AeroGarden Compatible Grow Sponges (50 pack)
Amanda Eayrs (Glastonbury, US)
Great purchase

Great way to start seeds and grow herbs in Aerogardens. Fast shipping, friendly customer support.

Windowsill Microgreens Kit
Caitlin McCall (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Wonderful product!!

We loved watching our greens grow and couldn't believe how great they tasted and how easy it was! :)

Herb Seed Collection
J.F. (Philadelphia, US)
Quick Shipping, Already Growing

I bought these seeds in the hope of growing a *manageable* indoor herb garden. I'm starting some of them in my Aerogarden and I'm happy to say that every seed I planted is already sprouting. Shipping was fast. So far, I feel very positive about my purchase and have my eye on the vegetable seeds. (Of course, so would the squirrels...)

Microgreens Refills - Mighty Bundle (3 pc)
Irina (Baltimore, US)

I discovered Urban leaf micro greens growing kits in one of the Earthlove boxes. Then I went to the website and ordered all micro greens refills because I could not go without my little greens now. Refills are a wonderful option because once one invests in the trays, they do not need to be replaced. One bag of seeds is perfect for the three trays that come in the starter kit.

Herb Starter Kit
You will not be disappointed!

Loved it. Works as advertised!!! Would buy Again! All I have to do is look at a plant and it dies...but not with these seeds & starter.5 stars


This set is fantastic and I’m back for many more! I always wanted to try bottle gardening but I couldn’t get it all set up. No worries here, only happy happy! I got one in for fab fun, and by far and wide it was the best thing I ever got from them


This looks so interesting. I'm buying it for a gift.


Work with Aero Garden! These pods work perfectly with the Miracle Grow Aero Garden and are so enexpensive!

The pretty colored bottles that I thought I was buying didnt come with the seeds and stoppers

The lovely bottles in pretty colors didn't come with it. Wouldn't have paid that price for something I could have for free . It was the bottles that I thought I was buying. Not happy

Windowsill Microgreens Kit
Jaye T (Phoenix, US)
Works great, looks great!

A no mess way to great sprouts! And the window shelf means I did not have to move my existing plants on the sill :)


I have 6 of these and my plants are super happy being in these pots. Need more variety in size though as plants start to outgrow the pot. Please make bigger ones!

Terrific purchase, great design!

I bought this as a gift for my niece, a self-professed "plant mom." She's a busy doctor, so this self-watering pot should fit her lifestyle and tend to her plant very well! She let me know that she purchased a plant to go in it, so I'm eager to hear and see the happy results!

Terrific purchase, great design!

I bought this as a gift for my niece, a self-professed "plant mom." She's a busy doctor, so this self-watering pot should fit her lifestyle and tend to her plant very well! She let me know that she purchased a plant to go in it, so I'm eager to hear and see the happy results!

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