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Chives Seeds

Chives Seeds

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1-2 weeks
Harvest after 3 months.
Part sun. 5+ of direct sunlight.


A well known member of the onion family, chives are a match made in heaven for salads, soups and spuds to add flavor. Dolores chives seeds have been bred for uniformity and upright growth habits, with extra flavor. Best to have chives growing in dry conditions and lots of sun. Start them inside on a sunny windowsill for optimal results.
    • 1-2 weeks
    • Harvest after 3 months.
    • Part sun. 5+ of direct sunlight.


    Additional information


    Comes back every year (perennial)

    Hydro / Soil

    Not recommended for hydroponics. Grows best in soil.

    Container / Indoors

    Plant 10 sites in a 4" (1 pint) container. In larger containers, space sites 1/2" apart. For each site plant 5 seeds 1/4" deep.

    Outdoor / Inground

    Plant 10 site per squarefoot. For each site, plant 5 seeds 1/4" deep.

    Plant Size

    The plant can grow up to about 12 to 18 inches and require about 2 to 8 inches of spacing.

    Taste & Nutritional Value

    a savory, garlicky taste. They are nutrient-dense, low in calories and high in nutrients, such as vitamins K and C, minerals and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to any meal.


    Chives have been cultivated and grown since the Middle Ages in Europe. The Romans believed that chives could be used medicinally, aiding pain from sunburning and sore throats. Additionally, Romans used chives as a diuretic. Chives have also been used to ward off evil spirits and diseases. This specific breed of chives was bred in Minnesota by the Experimental Farm Network (EFN).

    Recommended For (Recipes)

    Chop these chives and sprinkle them on baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, or on a soup for some extra kick.

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