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Mint Seeds

Mint Seeds

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2 weeks
Harvest after 3 months.
Part sun. 5+ of direct sunlight.


One of the most beloved of herbs. Perfect for mint in tea and mint in salads. This seed creates a large harvest and might just take over your garden if not contained!
    • 2 weeks
    • Harvest after 3 months.
    • Part sun. 5+ of direct sunlight.


    Additional information


    Comes back every year (perennial)

    Hydro / Soil

    Not reccomended for hydroponics. Grows best in soil.

    Container / Indoors

    Plant 1 site in a 8" (1 gal) container. For each site press 2 seeds into the surface.

    Outdoor / Inground

    Plant 1 site per square foot. For each site, press 2 seeds into the surface. Thin to one plant per site once seedlings are ~1in tall.

    Plant Size

    Grows between 18 and 36 inches tall, requiring 12 to 18 inches of spacing.

    Taste & Nutritional Value

    Fresh, classic minty taste. Mint offers Vitamin A and C, as well as Iron, Folate and Manganese.


    The name “mint” was coined by a mythical nymph named Minthe or Menthe, who, according to Greek mythology, was Pluto’s girlfriend. His wife, Persephone, was jealous of Menthe and turned her into a plant, now known as Mint. It has been used historically to treat stomach and digestive issues and to freshen breath. Additionally, it has been used to whiten teeth, flavor foods, and as a pest repellent. It has a variety of medicinal properties.

    Recommended For (Recipes)

    Add mint to yogurt with berries or to homemade lemonade. It's also great in water or tea as it helps with digestion. Of course, you can also use fresh mint in an array of cocktails, including a summery mojito with sugar, lime, rum, and soda water.

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