How to Care for Poinsettias and Your Christmas Plants

How to Care for Poinsettias and Your Christmas Plants

Nov 30, 2023Nate Littlewood

Christmas is nearing, and aside from shopping for presents, some of you are already thinking about shopping for your Christmas plants. If you already have them at home, you may be curious about how to care for Christmas plants such as poinsettias.

Why Poinsettias at Christmas

So first, why poinsettias at Christmas? According to, there is an old Mexican legend about how Poinsettias and Christmas come together, it goes like this:

There was once a poor Mexican girl called Pepita who had no present to give the baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve Services. As Pepita walked to the chapel, sadly, her cousin Pedro tried to cheer her up.

'Pepita', he said "I'm sure that even the smallest gift, given by someone who loves him will make Jesus Happy."

Pepita didn't know what she could give, so she picked a small handful of weeds from the roadside and made them into a small bouquet. She felt embarrassed because she could only give this small present to Jesus. As she walked through the chapel to the altar, she remembered what Pedro had said. She began to feel better, knelt and put the bouquet at the bottom of the nativity scene. Suddenly, the bouquet of weeds burst into bright red flowers, and everyone who saw them were sure they had seen a miracle. From that day on, the bright red flowers were known as the 'Flores de Noche Buena', or 'Flowers of the Holy Night'.

Growing Poinsettias: How to Grow and Care for Your Poinsettias

Poinsettia plants grow best during the winter, which is why they are the most popular potted plant during the holidays, especially on Christmas. Not only that, but a poinsettia plant that is taken care of very well can also maintain its beauty for much longer than the Christmas season. 

how to care for your christmas plants

The Best Lighting for Growing Poinsettias

Poinsettias came from Mexico, so they are used to a fair amount of sunlight. We suggest placing yours by a well-lit window, like the south-facing window, so that it can receive the proper amount of sunlight. You should also make sure that no part of your plant touches the windowpane, as this may harm the poinsettia.

Poinsettias Watering Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Poinsettias are very easy to grow. You will only need to water them whenever you feel that the soil is dry or if some of the leaves are starting to wilt. We’ll let you in on a little secret: It is important to let the water drain out the bottom of the pot, and make sure that your poinsettia is not sitting in water. 

The Best Temperature for Growing Poinsettias 

As we mentioned above, growing poinsettias, and caring for them is very easy. You can maintain it just by making sure the temperature range is between 65- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, we suggest that you keep your poinsettia in a warm room and make sure to mist it daily.

How to Take Care of Your Christmas Tree

Aside from poinsettias, Christmas trees are also obviously a must during the Christmas season. It’s a tradition that most households worldwide still follow up to this day. So, if you used a real Christmas tree to decorate, you will need to take care of it so you can keep it fresh. Here are some tips about how to take care of your Christmas tree: 

christmas tree

Simple Instructions for Watering Your Christmas Tree 

Do note that Christmas trees will need a lot of water so you must make sure that you have a tree stand that can hold at least a gallon of water.

  • Cut off the bottom 1/2 inch of the trunk. This step removes any hardened sap to allow for better water uptake. This is also a good time to measure the diameter of the trunk.
  • Add a quart of water to your tree stand for every inch of the trunk’s diameter.
  • To maintain a fresh Christmas tree, it is important to keep the bottom 2 inches of the trunk immersed in water, even if that means refilling the stand every day. 
  • Christmas trees prefer cooler temperatures, so make sure to turn down heat whenever possible and place your tree closer to a window that is away from radiators and fireplaces.

And there you go! We hope that these few tips and tricks about caring for and growing your poinsettias, Christmas trees, and other Christmas plants are helpful and will make your holidays a bit more enjoyable. If you're looking for a gift guide about your Christmas presents, check out our Mom Gift Guide and Eco-friendly and Gardening Gift Guide. Happy holidays!

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