7 Vegetable Garden Ideas You Can Plant Now In Time For Summer

7 Vegetable Garden Ideas You Can Plant Now In Time For Summer

May 15, 2020nate

Fastest Growing Vegetable Crops That You Can Start Right Now

Can you think of anything better than fresh, perfectly ripe and ready to eat

vegetables just in time for summer? Especially if they come from your own urban garden or backyard. Read on, for some tips for easy to grow vegetables you can plant now for a summer harvest. 

Summer Squash

Summer squash have a relatively quick growing season, about 70 days from seed to harvest. Plant them now and you’ll have some tasty crops just in time for late summer barbeques. Plant your squash early in well-drained soil from seed or sprout. They need plenty of sun and consistent deep watering. Harvesting your squash regularly will also encourage continued fruit and flowering. You will definitely want an abundance of flowers for the traditional breaded and fried crowd pleasing recipe. 


Next vegetable up is peas! Peas have a growing time of 60 days from seed to harvest and are delicious in many summer recipes such as pasta salads or sides. Keep in mind that southern peas like black eyed and crowders will not tolerate frost, so be sure to plant when there is consistent warm weather. You can start these veggies indoors about 6 weeks prior to being transplanted, which is great if you live in a climate that has chillier spring seasons.

You can plant peas in full OR partial sun, but be sure to put them in well-drained, sandy soil. One thing to note if you are planting in a garden with other vegetables: peas do not do well with onions or garlic, as they can stunt each other’s growth. However, they love the company of strawberries and cucumbers!

Mizuna Greens

This is a popular crop for summer, as it is the perfect vegetable to build your light, fresh and summery meals upon. Mizuna greens are heat tolerant, and can withstand more extreme conditions if you decide to plant later in the spring or early summer. Pair Mizuna with brighter greens such as sorrel or chard, for a really beautiful garden arrangement. Water regularly and harvest often.


Certain types of radish can be planted early in the spring and harvested later in the season, thanks to their quick rate of growth of about 25 days from seed to harvest. A few tips for a successful radish harvest in the summer: sow radish seeds in moist, well-drained soil and then thin out the radishes so that there is roughly an inch of space between each plant once they are a week old. Never grow radishes in the same place for three to four years at a time, as this will create disease in the crop. 

Malabar Spinach 

Malabar spinach is a fun and unique crop that is more tropical for your more impressive dinners! This type of spinach enjoys warm, well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. You can grow it vertically on a trellis, fence, or tower, and harvest as needed whenever you’re out of greens! The taste is a cross between chard and regular spinach, so it is perfect for raw salads, or lightly sauteed as a side dish. 

Tomatoes and Peppers!

Tomatoes and peppers can be grown together, as they have similar growing needs. They do tend to have a longer growing season, so make sure to plant ASAP if you want them in time for a late summer harvest. Both crops need plenty of heat and full sun as well as consistent, deep watering. Check out our earlier blogs for a more in depth guide to growing your own tomatoes and peppers at home! 

Good luck with your vegetable gardens, and be sure to tag us once summer comes around – we want to see those delicious recipes using homegrown veggies! Want to try an urban garden? Shop our Vegetable Seed Collection to grow your crops from your very own backyard!

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