Making the Best Use of Your Windowsill Space

Making the Best Use of Your Windowsill Space

Dec 16, 2021Danah Fabian

Functionally, windowsills help windows stay in place. Without them, the window opening would sway and move as the building settle. Besides this, there are so many things that you can use your windowsill space for. In this article, we will enumerate a few of the possible uses for your windowsill space at home.

Turn your windowsill into your own personal reading nook

As a bookworm myself, I would love a personal reading space at home, and windowsills can easily be turned into personal nooks! You can put a bench beside it and move your bookshelves near it, and voila – you have your own little safe space. If you want to do it for your kids like this one in the photo below, you can also put a lower and more comfortable bench for them to sit on.

Leverage your windowsill to grow plants on a window shelf

If your windowsill is a bit narrower than it should be for it to be a sitting space, you can instead use it as a window plant shelf and place your windowsill herb planters there. The below photo shows an example window plant shelf, which is very easy to do. You just need to place your indoor plants there so they can absorb enough sunlight and grow more bountifully. If you’re not sure which herb garden kits or plants you can place on a windowsill, you can check out our indoor garden kits. This is the best idea for you if you love plants and need extra storage for them.

3 of our Favorite Windowsill Grow Kits and Plant Kits that You Can Grow Successfully in your empty Window

Our bottle garden kits are perfect to be placed on a windowsill or your window plant shelf. You just need to put them into recycled bottles, follow the instructions on the included guide, and let them grow on your windowsill. Once fully grown, you can harvest your own herbs at home!

We recommend purchasing our Microgreens Growing Kit with our patent-pending window shelf, as they go perfectly together. If you don’t have a windowsill, you can just buy this window shelf and hang it on your wall using the suction cups included in the kit. If you prefer putting this microgreens kit on your own window garden shelf, you can simply place it there, follow the included instructions in the kit, and let it grow so you can harvest nutritious and delicious microgreens.

If you’re looking for a complete windowsill grow kit, then this product is for you. It comes with a wooden box planter, high-quality herb seeds, wooden labels, a complete instruction guide, coco coir pots, and expanding soil discs. You’ll just need to assemble them and place them on your windowsill or window herb plant shelf and voila – you have your own little greenhouse indoors.

Give your windowsill a makeover and turn it into a table

You should know by now that your windowsill can be transformed in many ways – including being a table. You can renovate it to make it a breakfast table, a minibar, or a bedside table. Or if your windowsill is already wide enough that you can eat and enjoy food on it, then it should be good to be used as your own cozy table, after just a little bit of re-decorating. This is a great idea if you like having a tea or coffee at home.

Use your windowsill as a storage area

This is one of the easiest ways to make the best use of your windowsill space. You can just put anything that you want to store and at the same time, you still want to able to see. Besides your books, you can play anything that you collect here or any decorations that you like.

Prepare for holiday guests: Turn your windowsill into an extra bed or couch

This may not be one of the easiest ways, but it is certainly the most useful thing you can do with your windowsill. You can have someone renovate it so that it can extend to a couch or another bed, and then decorate it with anything that you would want to decorate your own bed or sofa.

And that’s it! I hope that these 5 ideas for making the best use of your windowsill space could be of help to you in transforming your own windowsills at home.

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