7 Best Gift Ideas for Mom for Christmas: The Urban Leaf Gift Guide for Moms

7 Best Gift Ideas for Mom for Christmas: The Urban Leaf Gift Guide for Moms

Oct 27, 2021Danah Fabian

The holidays are coming, and we all know how much of a hassle it would be for us if we were to buy presents for our loved ones late this year. So, we at Urban Leaf, decided to write up a gift guide for moms this early. We are hoping that this gift guide will provide lots of gift ideas for your mom for Christmas or even for her birthday. Just like each and one of us, all moms are different. There are moms who like gardening, moms who like cleaning, moms who like cooking, moms who like working out and taking care of themselves, moms who have a specific hobby, and the following gift ideas that we will share to you are perfect for each and every mom out there.

1st Gift Idea for Moms: Edible Flowers for gift or “Flowers that don’t Die”

Women love flowers for gifts, and as a woman myself, I can agree with that. One of the most common gift ideas for women – most specifically, moms for any holiday or life event is flowers, but this time, let’s give it a twist – Edible Flowers for gift - which can be grown from your mom’s own garden. Our Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Kits consist of the following:

  • 3 seed packets (Zinnia, Marigold, and Cosmos)
  • Set of 3 replacement inserts
  • 6 smart soil plugs
  • 3 bottle labels
  • 3 germination stickers
  • 1 quick start guide

Yep – bottles are not included, so you will need to provide that yourself. We recommend using dark-colored bottles, which you can learn more about in this article.


edible flowers bottle garden kit


2nd Gift Idea for Moms: A Bottle of Wine and a Bottle Garden Kit

What better gifts to give to your mom for Christmas than a bottle of wine and a bottle garden kit? None, right? This perfect duo should make your mom very ecstatic – unless she does not drink wine – nonetheless, it should make her very happy because of this clever idea! Besides, of course, the thoughtful and loving gesture that you would be willing to do for her. So, what do our bottle garden kits include? Just like our Edible Flowers, they include the following:

  • 3 seed packets (depends on which variation – check them out below for more details)
  • Set of 3 replacement inserts
  • 6 smart soil plugs
  • 3 bottle labels
  • 3 germination stickers
  • 1 quick start guide

And because our bottle garden kits do not include bottles that you can plant in, a bottle of wine would be perfect to go with this gift! After you finish drinking the wine, you should of course clean its bottle, and then it should be ready to go for gardening.

bottle garden kit

3rd Gift Idea for Moms: Eco-friendly Gifts

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea for Moms #1: Earlywood Designs’ Eco-friendly Kitchen Essentials Set

We all love our mothers’ cooking – unless they don’t cook, which is not necessarily bad! But for the moms out there who love to cook, this eco-friendly wooden cooking utensils set is perfect for you. This planet-loving cooking set consists of the following:

  • 2 Large Flat Sautes (crucial for multi-tasking
  • 1 Tera Scraper (perfect for cast-iron cooking)
  • 1 Large Spreader (from cake frosting to peanut butter)

Earlywood designs products are truly versatile and suit any kitchen style. They work just as well with cast-iron cookware as they do in non-stick pans. Whether your mom loves to cook all the time or from time to time, this gift set is the perfect Christmas gift idea for her!

Earlywood designs' wood kitchen set

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea for Moms #2: Lotus Trolley Bags or Produce Bags

This gift idea is for the moms who love shopping and cooking! Lotus Sustainables’ Trolley and Produce Bags are a perfect gift idea for moms for Christmas because they are useful, eco-friendly, BPA-free, food-safe, machine-washable, and durable! They can also be used for several things – great for fruits and veggies, packing and travel, or storing anything! Send this to your moms with their favorite fruits and vegetables and they’ll surely love it!

Lotus Sustainables Trolley Bag

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea for Moms #3: Food Huggers

Just like the 2 eco-friendly gift ideas that we already shared above, Food Huggers are also a perfect gift idea for moms for Christmas. Why? Simply because they are useful, durable, eco-friendly, food-safe, and just adorable! Besides this, they can be used for all kinds of foods, you name it! Most importantly, they are perfect for replacing single-use plastic wraps and bags. Send this to your moms along with a set of Lotus Trolley Bags or Produce Bags and they’ll surely adore it!

Food Huggers Essential Set

Eco-friendly Gift Idea for Moms #4: Proclamation Goods’ Stainless Steel Cookware Set

A 3x award-winning cookware set that’s versatile, non-toxic, and engineered to last a lifetime. With just two pans and a matching lid (that fits both the Hybrid Pot and Sidekick Skillet), you get a dozen cooking methods and zero clutter. This cookware set from Proclamation Goods is the perfect gift especially for your moms who love to cook. This perfect Christmas gift idea’s features are:

  • It’s a Modern Dutch Oven
    • The Duo is engineered to create a Dutch Oven when the Sidekick Skillet is used as a lid on the Hybrid Pot to retain and distribute heat evenly.
  • Family Sized Cooking
    • Do you prefer to prepare for leftovers? These are some big a** pans that are great for cooking for a few or a big crew.
  • Stacks for Storage
    • Cluttered kitchens are simply a thing of the past. The Duo stacks are great to take up minimal space in your cupboards or look sleek on the stovetop.

Any mom will surely be delighted when they receive this eco-friendly and very useful cookware set as a gift.

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