Bottle Garden: What are the Best Plants to Grow in a Bottle?

Bottle Garden: What are the Best Plants to Grow in a Bottle?

Jul 27, 2021Leslie Halleck

Love gardening and growing plants, but you don't have a garden or lots of indoor space? Maybe you just aren't in the mood to deal with potting soil. Whatever the reason it shouldn't keep you from growing a little of your own green indoors! Ever thought about growing your garden in a bottle?

While passive hydroponics (that means you're not bubbling in any extra oxygen to your water) may not be suited for all plants, there are some easy-to-grow quick harvest herbs and flowers that will grow nicely in your bottle garden. Plus, you'll save a bunch of space and have little to no mess. As long as you have a bright (preferably south-facing) windowsill or a grow light, your bottle garden will be simple to grow.

About the Light: 

Most herbs and flowering plants are sun-loving, so we recommend you choose a bright sunny south- or west-facing window for your bottle garden. Our window shelf will help you maximize both your space and light availability. You can also grow your bottle garden on your balcony or patio outdoors during your area's outdoor growing season. OR, add a grow light to your indoor space to keep the flowers and foliage coming! 

Short on Light?: 

Don't have the sunniest window or a grow light yet? Don't fret...a less bright spot or a shadier balcony is still a workable situation for part-sun herbs such as mint, lemon balm, dill, parsley, chervil, cilantro, and tarragon.  

YES: you can use any color bottle you like. Clear glass is not necessary! 

Grow your garden space with our handy window shelf. Use with our bottle garden kits AND Urban Leaf microgreens kits. 

Best Plants to Grow in a Bottle: Herbs

Lucky for us, some of the most popular culinary herbs are also well-suited to growing in your window bottle garden. Basil, parsley, and dill are our favorites. You can check out our Culinary Classics Bottle Garden Kit if you want to try growing these herbs in a bottle. This bottle garden kit includes sweet basil seeds, Dill seeds, French parsley seeds, grow media, replacement inserts where you can place the grow media, detailed instructions, germination stickers, product labels, and a cute and very giftable packaging. You only need your own bottles, sunlight, and water and you can have your own bottle garden!

As we mentioned above in the lighting recommendations, there are other herbs great for growing in your bottle garden, including mint, lemon balm, and cilantro

If you're obsessed with basil (WE are!) try our sweet basil seeds, you won't wanna miss out! 

Which Plants can be Grown in Bottle Gardens? Edible Flowers

Did you know that you can also grow your own edible flowers in a bottle garden? Our Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Kit includes cosmos, zinnia, and marigold seeds, as well as the rest of the materials needed to have your own bottle garden. This edible flowers bottle garden kit not only cheers up your sunny windowsill or balcony, but also brightens your salads, cocktails and teas. Yes, you can eat all of these flowers! 

Best Plants To Grow In A Bottle: 
Houseplants And Succulents

Don't feel like growing seeds in your bottle garden? No problem! You can also stick cuttings of houseplants such as Pothos ivy, peperomia, philodendron, and other foliage plants that root easily in water in your bottle garden. 

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If you're ready grow your own colorful and mess-free bottle garden, gather up your favorite bottles you're ready to recycle (any color works), pick a sunny window, water from the tap and you're ready to grow. 

If you're curious about which types of bottles work best for a passive hydro bottle garden, check out this article.

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