Bottle Garden: What are the Best Plants to Grow in a Bottle?

If you love gardening, either outdoor or indoor, you may as well try gardening in a bottle! Bottle gardening will not only save you space, but it will also make it less of a hassle for you as you can just leave it beside a south-facing window with adequate water/moisture and it will grow on its own.

What is a Bottle Garden and Why Should You Try Gardening in a Bottle?

Bottle gardens are like a terrarium – wherein you could produce a landscape in a small container – at the same time, you could grow your own food by just using bottles, seeds, grow media, sunlight, and water of course. It not only saves you space, but also saves you time, effort, and gardening supplies. If you’re someone who works a lot or is just someone who’s always outside and don’t have much time to tend the garden, then bottle gardens are perfect for you. Below, we will indicate which are the best plants to grow in a bottle.

Best Plants to Grow in a Bottle: Herbs

Most herbs can be grown in a bottle garden, but the most common plants to grow in a bottle are oregano, basil, parsley, dill, and rosemary. You can check out our Culinary Classics Bottle Garden Kit if you want to try growing your own herbs in a bottle. This bottle garden kit includes Sweet Basil seeds, Dill seeds, French Parsley seeds, grow media, replacement inserts where you can place the grow media, detailed instructions, germination stickers, product labels, and a cute and very giftable packaging. You only need your bottles, sunlight, and water and you can have your own bottle garden!

We also have citrusy herbs for bottle garden kits – our Hint of Citrus Bottle Garden Kit, which includes the same materials that our Culinary Classics Bottle Garden Kit has, except for the seeds. This contains Lemon Balm, Lemon Basil, and Lime Basil seeds. Perfect for cocktails, teas, seafood, salads, and pasta.

We also have a Basil-focused bottle garden kit – our Exotic Basil Bottle Garden Kit, which includes Thai Basil, Purple Basil, and Lime Basil. If you absolutely love Basil, then this one’s for you.

Which Plants can be Grown in Bottle Gardens? Edible Flowers

Did you know that you can also grow your own edible flowers in a bottle garden? Our Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Kit includes Cosmos, Zinnia, and Marigold seeds, as well as the rest of the materials needed to have your own bottle garden. You only need your own bottles – if you do not have any that you can recycle – we also sell them here. This edible flowers bottle garden kit not just makes a very beautiful asset to your kitchen/living room/window, it will also provide you with delightful flowers that you can use as garnish to your salads, cocktails and teas.

Best Plants To Grow In A Bottle: Small Houseplants And Succulents

If you just want a bottle garden, nothing edible, you can still create one! Small houseplants such as pothos and English ivy are also among the most common plants to grow in a bottle. Cacti and succulents as well can be grown anywhere, including in bottles. 

Shop All Of Our Bottle Garden Kits And Accessories Now!

If you’re interested in growing plants in a bottle garden, we can help you! By using our bottle garden kits, you will only need your bottles, sunlight from a window, and adequate watering/moisture. Check out our garden kit options here. Again, if you do not have any bottles that you can recycle, you can also buy them from us. To know more about choosing the right bottles to use for starting your own bottle garden, check out this article.

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