Grow Your Own Herb Garden Kit: How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden Indoors

Grow Your Own Herb Garden Kit: How to Grow Your Own Herb Garden Indoors

Jul 27, 2021Danah Fabian

If you’re someone who’s into gardening, or someone who just loves plants, what’s stopping you from growing your own herb garden indoors? There should be nothing! In this blog, we will tell you how you can start to grow your own herb garden kit, how you can do it indoors or at home, and what are the best grow your own herb garden kits out there.

How To Start Growing Your Own Herb Garden Kit Indoors

First of all, we need to talk about how you can start your own herb garden indoors. It’s absolutely easy and worry-free. There are a lot of options to choose from, which we will talk about later in this blog, but to start, you need to have a space for your own herb garden indoors. A small space will do, preferably somewhere that direct sunlight can reach, so that your herbs will grow bountifully. 

One best example would be the windowsill of your preferably south-facing window, as this is where the sunlight mostly seeps into. If you don’t have a windowsill, having a window shelf for your plants is your second-best option. Lucky for you, we have them in store! Check them out here. You can also check out our article about small space indoor garden ideas here.

The next step in starting your own herb garden kit indoors would be having your pots, seeds, and other gardening accessories that you may need. Fortunately, the grow your own herb garden kits that we will talk about below will make your gardening life much easier as these are already complete kits, and you will only need to assemble them.

What are the Best Garden Kits to Grow Your Own Herb?

In this part of the blog, we will list out our top 3 best grow your own herb garden kits that you can grow indoors:

Best Grow Your Own Herb Garden Kit #1: Urban Leaf Herb Garden Trio Kit

Our Herb Garden Trio Kit comes to the top of this list, as not only it is a complete herb garden kit that you can grow outdoors or indoors, but it is also sustainable, eco-friendly, and worth the buy! It is also very easy to install or assemble. Everything is indicated on the seed packets and on the separate detailed instructions guide which is included in the kit. This herb garden trio kit is at the top of the list as it is a complete kit. It includes a wooden planter box, coco coir pots, seed packets, expanding soil discs, wooden markers, and a detailed instruction guide, as mentioned. Check it out below:

Best Grow Your Own Herb Garden Kit #2: Urban Leaf Bottle Garden Kit

Not sure if you have already heard of our bottle garden kits, but these are the world’s smallest garden! Our Bottle Herb Garden Kits include almost everything that you need for starting your own herb garden kit, except for the bottles – which you can also buy from our shop, if you do not have any laying around at home that you can recycle. These small but mighty gardens include 3 seed packets, grow media, replacement inserts where you can place your grow media, a detailed instruction guide, germination stickers, product labels, and a giftable packaging. Check it out below:

Best Grow Your Own Herb Garden Kit #3: Urban Leaf Microgreens Growing Kit

If you’re a fan of growing your own food at home – especially healthy superfoods such as microgreens, then our Microgreens Growing Kit is the perfect kit for you! Microgreens are also herbs, specifically speaking, the seedlings of herbs. Our kit is perfect if you want to have your own microgreens in just 7 days! It includes dishwasher-safe and reusable trays and lids, jute mats, microgreens seeds packets, a detailed instructions guide, and a giftable box packaging! Check it out below:

Check out the other Microgreens Kits on our website.

Now that you know where to start and where to buy your own herb garden kits, you can now move on to learning how to care for your herbs. Check out all our other articles about herbs here to help you in your next journey.

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