Crowd Control For Plants

Crowd Control For Plants

Oct 11, 2017nate

Besides the occasional watering, maintenance of your new indoor garden is going to be pretty easy. We designed it so it would be. While it’s getting started it does require a little more TLC however (don’t we all?) and this blog will walk you through what’s required.


Germination rates for the seeds in your indoor garden kit should be at least 90% under normal conditions, which means that of the recommended 5-10 seeds you add initially, chances are you’ll have 5-9 sprout. If you added more than 5-10 seeds initially, then you’ve probably got a nice little micro-greens garden going!

If you’re having trouble getting your seeds to sprout, check out this blog for some tips.


Did we tell you that the World’s Smallest Garden is, well, kinda small – so far as gardens go…? That means we need to be careful that it doesn’t get too crowded. Some manual intervention is required in terms of ‘crowd control’.

Remove all of the smaller seedlings until only the 2-3 largest remain

This will leave more room (and less competition) for the seedlings that remain. Enjoy your first harvest (of micro greens)! Put them on a salad, avocado toast, or pasta.


After watering (which we’ve already solved!) the next biggest problem for indoor gardeners is light. Getting enough of it, particularly during winter, can be a challenge. Check out our blog on window sill lighting for tips on where to place your garden, and if you need it we can also show you how to set up a grow light for year-round indoor growing for as little as $30-40.

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