A deep dive into the world of windowsill gardening

A deep dive into the world of windowsill gardening

Jun 30, 2018nate

What Is It?


Urban Leaf’s Windowsill Garden Kits are ridiculously easy to use. It’s like a full-time plant sitter that you don’t have to pay. Your plants will water and feed themselves for up to a month at a time. #GreenThumbNotRequired


Getting Started


Setting up your Windowsill Garden takes about 60 seconds.

  1. Find a dark green or brown glass bottle. 750 ml is ideal. Red wine bottles work well. This blog contains more info on finding the perfect bottle.
  2. Rinse the bottle thoroughly and fill it to the top with tap water
  3. Place one of the inserts that come with the kit
  4. Place your seeds according to the instructions on the packet
  5. Apply a germination sticker, then place in a sunny window

Your work here is done. Now sit back and watch it grow.

Here’s Where The Magic Happens

  1. The engineered smart soil includes a specially formulated plant nutrient mix, which will provide all the food your plants need for 5-6 months
  2. The smart soil’s sponge-like texture allows it to suck water up out of the bottle and deliver it straight to the seeds on the surface, ensuring your baby seeds get just the right amount of water.
  3. As your plant matures, its roots will grow out through the smart soil and into the bottle where it waters itself so you don’t have to.

Using a 750 ml bottle, you don’t have to refill the water until a month in. So you just focus on you without worrying that you’re killing another plant. Those days are gone.

Our product uses ‘hydroponic’ (soil free) growing technology. Plants get the structural support they usually get from soil from our casing and its placement in the neck of a bottle. Plants get the nutrients they would usually get from soil from the water, which has had our plant food added to it. Soil is so last year.

Still got questions? Drop us a line – we’re happy to chat plants any time. help@geturbanleaf.com

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  • Does the germination sticker get removed at some point or does the plant grow through it?

    Bill Frank
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