From the Indoor Garden Depot Blog: How To Replant Your World’s Smallest Garden

From the Indoor Garden Depot Blog: How To Replant Your World’s Smallest Garden

Feb 05, 2018nate

So you’ve grown your first plant in The World’s Smallest Garden. Congratulations! Wondering what’s next, and what to do with the product at the end of its life? Well here it is:


Let’s do the fun stuff first. The World’s Smallest Garden comes pre-loaded with enough nutrients to last an average plant for 4-6 months. Beyond this time, it is likely that the leaves will start to change color and the plant become weaker as its nutrient supply is depleted. As soon as you notice that your plant has reached maturity, we recommend enjoying the harvest! Remove the leaves and add them to your favorite herbal tea, salad, pasta or mojito recipe. You’re welcome 🙂

If you want to keep the plant growing in the same bottle you’re going to need to add more nutrients. We don’t sell these as a stand alone item (yet) but if this is something you’re interested in doing feel free to drop us a line and we’ll point you in the right direction (

Removing the plant

Once you’ve harvested all the leaves and enjoyed your handy work, you’ll need to carefully remove the green plastic insert from the bottle. This should be fairly easy with <6 mth old plants, but older plants will have bigger roots that could make the process more difficult.

Try not to damage the World’s Smallest Garden in the process of removing it, because this part is reusable (see below), but if you do need to throw it away then hopefully the fact that it’s made out of biodegradable PLA should make you feel a little better about it. We pay a bit extra to use this material, but feel it’s money well spent to know that this material is not going to be sitting around in a landfill in a thousand year’s time!


In order to start your garden again you’ll need to tear off the roots of the plant and remove the smart soil from inside the canister. Be careful not to damage the plastic in the process, and make sure you wash everything once you’re done (a round in the dishwasher wouldn’t hurt – just make sure there’s no soap residue left over). Once everything is properly cleaned, insert your replacement smart soil into the World’s Smallest Garden and you’ll be ready to go again.

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