2024's Best Microgreens Growing Kits - Start Your Year Right!

2024's Best Microgreens Growing Kits - Start Your Year Right!

Nov 29, 2023Nate Littlewood

Looking for a microgreens growing kit but not sure where to start? While there are plenty of low-quality options available, we think you'll appreciate the micorgreens kits that Urban Leaf offers because:

  1. When you buy these products from Urban Leaf, we'll give you a lifetime warranty for them. Love them or your money back.
  2. You may qualify for a Free Gift with your purchase!
  3. We only work with suppliers that are the best at what they do. We screen for responsibly produced products made by reputable brands. 
  4. We offer better value seed and refill options than elsewhere.  


So, without further ado, here are the 5 Best Microgreens Growing Kits for kicking off 2024!

best microgreens growing kit guide

Best Microgreens Growing Kit for Small Spaces: Urban Leaf Microgreens Starter Kit

The Urban Leaf Microgreens Starter Kit is a great choice for small urban spaces. It includes a variety of organic, non-GMO seeds and is compact, fitting easily on windowsills or small counters. This kit is especially suitable for small households or those new to microgreens, providing an easy and enjoyable introduction to urban gardening​. It's also the only kit compatible with the Urban Leaf Window Shelf

The main PROs of this kit are:

  • It comes with premium bamboo fibre trays, at no extra costs. For some others, you have to pay extra to get a premium grow tray upgrade.
  • The 3 seperate grow trays allow you to use a 'staggered' start for sprouting, such that every few days you'll have a new variety ready to harvest
  • Refill materials are backyard compostable
  • The starter kit includes 6 varieties of seeds. That's more than any of the others.


The main CONs of this option are:

  • Relatively small overall size. It's really only suitable for households of 1-2 people
  • The trays usually require a water top up mid-way through the grow


Urban Leaf Microgreens Growing Kit


For a limited time, we're offering a free set of grow mats when you purchase the Microgreens Kit and Window Shelf together.

Best Microgreens Growing Kit for Design Lovers: Micropod by Mother

For those who value aesthetics, the Micropod by Mother is a stylish choice. This kit doesn't require grow mats or media, just seeds, making it cost-effective in the long run. Its modern design is not just functional but also a chic addition to any urban dwelling. While it doesn't come with seeds, this feature allows for a personalized gardening experience​. Best option for the Design Lovers out there!

The main PROs of this kit are:

  • It doesn't require any growing medium, and there is the most economical from a 'refill' perspective
  • The sleek European design (if that's your thing!)


The main CONs of this option are:

  • Because there's no grow medium, the seeds sit on a very fine 'grate' type structure. This is fine for larger seeds, but some very fine seeds may fall through.
  • The starter kit does not include any seeds at all. These need to be purchased separately (we do offer it in a bundle, with Urban Leaf seeds for this reason).


Mother Micorgreens Growing Kit

We offer this kit with the option of a 50% discount on Microgreens Seeds at time of purchase. 

Best Microgreens Growing Kit for Sustainable Living: Orta Gardens

The Orta Gardens Microgreens Kits come in both a small and large size and are perfect for the eco-friendly city dweller. Made from natural clay, this self-watering ceramic tray is backed by a lifetime warranty. Orta products are handmade in California and the business is female-owned.

The kit includes organic seeds and OMRI-certified organic growing medium, making it a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint while growing nutritious greens​. All of the 'consumable' parts of these kits are back-yard compostable, and the more 'traditional' gardeners amongst you may appreciate the soil-like growing medium. 

The main PROs of this kit are:

  • The 'soil' growing medium is the most versatile option. There's not many microgreens you couldn't grow in this.
  • Clever passive self-watering mechanism, that relies on the porosity of ceramics


The main CONs of this option are:

  • Most expensive overall upfront cost, though you do get what you pay for (this is a high quality product!)


 Orta Microgreens Growing Kit

We offer this kit with an affordable refill option for both the small and large versions. 

Best Microgreens Growing Kit For Chefs: ingarden Starter Kit

The ingarden is a chef's dream for quickly growing fresh microgreens. This hydroponic indoor garden produces greens in a week, and for those of you wanting to grow microgreens on a kitchen countertop, this one is the way to go. With a built-in grow light, it is also the best option on this list for those with low/no natural light, or requiring guaranteed year-round growth. It's an environmentally conscious choice as well, with its carbon-neutral design. Though not fully organic, it's a valuable addition to any chef's kitchen, combining convenience with sustainability​.

The main PROs of this kit are:

  • This is the most 'appliance' like kit we offer, making it the best candidate for placing on a kitchen countertop
  • It has an inbuilt grow light, making it the best choice if you have very low / no light
  • ingarden is a fantastic company. You'll notice they have more 'badges' on their listing than any other product on this site!


The main CONs of this option are:

  • Relatively expensive upfront + refill cost


ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit


Best Microgreens Growing Kit for Larger Households: Hamama 

The Hamama Microgreens Starter Kit is ideal for larger urban households or those with a strong love for microgreens. Its large grow tray and easy-to-use patented seed quilts make growing microgreens hassle-free. This kit is a perfect solution for families or individuals who wish to have a constant supply of fresh microgreens with minimal fuss. This kit produces the largest quantity of microgreens on this list, so be prepared for eating them every 1-2 days! 

The main PROs of this kit are:

  • The patented seed quilts are super easy to use and setup
  • This is the largest grow tray of any of the kits we offer, making it the best choice for larger households or families


The main CONs of this option are:

  • Premium grow trays are an upgrade and cost extra


 Hamama Microgreens Growing Kit


We hope this overview has helped you select the right Microgreens Growing Kit for your home.

If you'd like to check out our entire microgreens range, just head on over to our shop today! 

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