5 Household Items You Can Re-Purpose To Start An Herb Garden

5 Household Items You Can Re-Purpose To Start An Herb Garden

Apr 23, 2019Nate Littlewood

Spring is here and summer’s just around the corner! That means this is a great time to start your indoor garden.

One of the best parts of indoor gardening is the fun you can have reusing everyday items to grow things like fresh herbs and vegetables. As you may have already gathered, we’re pretty big fans of upcycling and love finding creative ways to use things that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Here’s a list of some of our favorite items that you can upcycle household items to grow your indoor garden today!


Egg Cartons

An egg carton is not only tough enough to protect your eggs, but it can also protect your plants. Plus, egg cartons are a great choice for separating your sprouts so you can give each herb the individual attention it needs. Just remember that the cardboard is going to soak up a good amount of moisture, so we recommend frequent watering. You might also consider placing the egg carton in a tray to catch drips.


Takeout Containers

If you’re like us, you probably have a bunch of these plastic takeout containers piling up. So why not put the plastic container to good use by growing some healthy, fresh herbs inside of it? Just imagine – next time you order take out Thai or Italian you’ll be able to go full-circle and have some fresh herbs on them 

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls both work well here. Just use some scissors to cut them into 2-3″ lengths, place on their ends, and fill with soil. Hot tip: the soil filling part will be WAY easier if you use the hydrated soil starting cubes (‘Jiffy’ cubes) like the ones that come with our Herb Starter Kit (they have netting around them that holds everything in place)

Salad Bowl / Container

We’ve opted for a repurposed one here from a local salad joint, but you could also use a regular bowl as well. The nice thing about this setup is that the clear lid can help create a mini green house, trapping humidity and assisting with germination.

Dark Glass Bottles

Last but not least, bottles! Surprised? You need one of our Window Sill Garden Kits to get this one set up, but the benefit of doing so is you’ll have yourself a mini hydroponic garden that can water itself (depending on your memory, and diligence with watering, that may or may not be an important feature!)


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