Community Spotlight: Lydia Clinkscales

Community Spotlight: Lydia Clinkscales

Jul 16, 2021nate

Earlier this week we caught up with Lydia from Texas about her experiences with urban farming. Lydia was one of our original Kickstarter supporters back in June, and therefore part of the community of people that helped bring Urban Leaf and our indoor gardening kit to life (Thank You Lydia!!)

She had posted some great pictures on her Instragram recently (@lydiaclink – and featured below) so we wanted to learn more about what she was up to.

It’s just such a cool feeling to know that my meal tastes and looks so good because of a plant that I nurtured from seeds.

How did you get interested in urban farming? 

I grew up with a large yard where my parents grew fruit trees, vegetable patches, and flowers everywhere. Since leaving for college, I’ve lived in small apartments without any green space to plant anything, so I love the ideas of turning small windowsills into my own, private garden.

How experienced are you with urban farming?

I’ve grown several succulents on my windowsills. They’ve been fairly successful since they don’t take a lot of water and can bounce back if I forget about them for a week or two. I’ve been struggling for months to keep an African Violet alive at work. So, while I’d like to think I have a green thumb, I’m really only good at taking care of very low maintenance plants.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made so far? 

Since I need a dark space to sleep, my bedroom windows are always blacked out. That means I currently have my plants in my spare/storage bedroom, which I don’t use on a daily basis. My biggest mistake has been forgetting to go in there and see how my plants are doing, so they can end up pretty dry and sad after a while. 

Why do you like urban farming?

It’s an easy and affordable way to surround myself with living plants in very tight spaces. I also love the idea of repurposing my wine bottles and showing off some of my favorite bottle designs beyond the wine rack.

What’s your favorite plant to grow?

My basil plant is simply gorgeous, and has been growing like a weed. I absolutely love seeing how well it’s doing and walking in to smell its slightly sweet scent.

What do you like to do with the plants you grow?

I like to use a variety of herbs in my cooking and much prefer the brightness of fresh herbs. It’s just such a cool feeling to know that my meal tastes and looks so good because of a plant that I nurtured from seeds.


Thanks for chatting with us Lydia 🙂 Got your own urban farming story to tell? Drop us a line at – we’d love to hear from you!

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