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Discover the magic of growing your own food

Hi, we're Urban Leaf

We help people who live in small spaces (like our NYC apartments) learn what it feels like to say "I Grew That".

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Not Your Grandma's Gardening Company

Carbon Negative

You care about your footprint, which is why we're removing it. Urban Leaf is proud to be the World's First Carbon-Negative Gardening company.

Indoor & Urban

Indoor and Urban Gardeners have different needs. You don't have loads of space, so we help you make the most out of it.

Zero Risk

If you can't get our products to grow, or aren't satisfied with the results, we offer zero-risk lifetime refunds or replacements.

Reviews From Happy Customers

"I bought these to grow inside. And they are WONDERFUL!! 🤩 I loved them so much I bought a second kit. Pretty sure they will even fit on the smallest of window sills. I still had an 1 1/2” of room. I like the seed pads are reusable a few times too. Super cool and the greens taste AMAZING! :)"

Gwen G  -  September 1, 2021

"This was the perfect starter kit to grow micro greens! Less messy than jars or dirt, and my daughter loved watching them sprout on her windowsill. Had an issue with my first sprouting and reached out to customer service for help - they were amazing!! One thing they told me; don’t take the lids off until the seeds start to sprout, regardless of what the package says. Everyone’s environment is different. 5/5 would recommend!"

Tara P  - July 22, 2021

"I love this product. The little boxes are pretty and grow just the right amount of sprouts in my kitchen! Sprouts on everything!😊"

Laura N  -  November 10, 2021