How To Make Your Own Self Watering Herb Garden

How To Make Your Own Self Watering Herb Garden

Jul 16, 2021nate

Want to grow fresh herbs, but afraid you don’t have that green thumb? Fear not! You can make your own self watering herb garden, meaning you’ll never have to worry about when, where, or how much to water, therefore freeing you from the one major responsibility of being a plant mom or dad. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the forgetful type, travel a lot, or just want to be more time efficient, self-watering herb gardens not only save you time, but cost next to nothing to create as well. You can find self watering planters in your local plant stores, but will be paying up to $50 for something you can create with items you have in your own home!

The “self-watering” part of this happens through a force called capillary action, which happens through both cohesive and adhesive forces that make the rope act like a wick. The plant draws up the water as it begins to dry out from evapotranspiration, and the soil and the plant’s roots will remain moist, so as long as there is water in the jar. Isn’t science cool?!

Self-watering planters are not only an efficient way to water your plants, but they are efficient to make as well! Most supplies can be found in your household and will take under 10 minutes to make.


All you will need is:

  • 1 wide-mouthed Mason jar
  • 1 tea strainer (that sits in the Mason jar)
  • 6″ (15 cm) piece of thin rope
  • 1 cup of potting soil (the starter discs from our Herb Starter Kit also work well)
  • small herb of choice


  1. Fold the rope in half and place it into the tea container, letting the ends dangle over the edge. 
  2. Plant your herb of choice into the tea canister, making sure the rope stays down in the soil.
  3. Pour some water into the Mason jar at about the 2 cup mark. Place the tea canister into the Mason jar, making sure that the ends of the string hang into the water. The water will go up into the soil through capillary action. 
  4. Be sure to give your herb lots of sunlight, preferably in a south-facing window. 

Don’t want to go through the hassle of making your own? Our bottle garden kits work in a very similar way and come with everything you need to upcycle an old bottle inta self-watering planter.  

Happy plants equal a happy green life! Let us know your experience with self watering gardens below, what your favorite herbs to use with self watering planters, or any questions you may have!

And if DIY is your thang, you might also enjoy reading 5 Gardening Projects Made From Recycled Household Items.

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