Worm Poop #004

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Nurture your plants naturally with Return Worm Poop Recipe #004—a 1-QT bag of organic worm castings. It's a superfood for your garden, ideal for boosting plant growth both indoors and outdoors!

Made In The US


One 1-QT Bag of Return Worm Poop Recipe #004.

  • Enhances plant resilience and growth.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable for gardening.
  • Easy to use with effective results.
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants, shrubs, and lawns.
  • Rich in vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Promotes healthy root development.
  • Suitable container or area for application.
  • Gardening tools for mixing soil (if needed).

Prepare Your Soil

Before planting, mix worm castings with your soil. A ratio of 1 part worm castings to 3 parts soil is recommended for optimal growth.


When planting seeds or seedlings, add a handful of worm castings to the planting hole to enrich the root zone directly.

Top Dressing

For existing plants, sprinkle worm castings around the base of the plants. This helps in slowly releasing nutrients directly to the soil surface.


After applying worm castings, water your plants as usual. The water helps in distributing the nutrients from the castings into the soil.


Reapply worm castings every 2-3 months during the growing season to maintain nutrient levels and support plant health.

Which Microgreens Kit Is Right For You?

Growing Methods hydroponic Hydroponic hydroponic soil soil hydroponic
Growing Medium Proprietary ‘seed quilts’ made from coconut fiber Virgin fluff fibers produced from non-chlorine bleached spruce wood none coco coir coco coir Jute matt
Includes a light no yes no no no no
Included seeds 2 varieties - varies 3 varieties Red Cabbage, Radish and Mustard none 4 varieties. Radish, Arugula, Beets and Tatsoi 4 varieties. Arugula, Beets, Komatsuna and Radish 6 varieties. Radish, Kale, Rainbow Mix, Mustard, Spicy Mix and Broccoli
USDA Organic Seeds? Some, not all Yes NA No No Yes
Grow Area 1 x Large 3 x Medium 1 x Medium/Large 1 x Small 1 x Medium 3 x Small
Refill Cost $$ $$$ $ $$ $$ $$

Which Grow Light Is Right For You?

Wattage 20W / 40W 20W 11W 16W / 32W 7W
PPF Small: 23.7 μmol/sec; Large: 42 μmol/sec 25.95 μmol/sec 17 μmol/sec - 7.3 μmol/sec
Efficacy (PPF/W) 1.05 - 1.2 1.3 1.55 - 1.05
Color Temperature 3000K 3000K 3000K 3914K 2700K
Mounting Hanging from wall or ceiling Inside a pendant or desk lamp Under cabinet or on a wall Under cabinet, wall or vertically Inside a pendant or desk lamp
Suitable For Anything Anything Houseplants, Herbs, Leafy Greens Anything Small herbs, seed starting
Water Resistant No No No Yes No
Cost $$$ $$ $$ $$ - $$$$ $

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  • Saves Time & Water—If watering plants isn't at the top of your to-do list, the worm poop improves soil's capability to retain water, and is the ultimate solution to drought-proofing your garden.
  • Increases plant yield and grow stronger, more drought-resistant plants and vegetables. Pure worm castings are known as the richest natural vermicompost out there, known to stimulate plant growth. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, they are safe for plants, and will not burn them if applied in excess.

This worm casting is best used for growing plants, shrubs, vines, fruits, trees, herbs, and vegetables on raised beds, gardens, and pots.

Our castings are raised chemical-free & consistently in a controlled environment, fed a diet of organic and all-natural fruits and vegetables to produce an ideal pH and moisture balance. The end result is a dark, nutrient-rich, good-for-the-Earth soil amendment that is ideal for all the plants mentioned above.

Customer Reviews

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Worm castings are like caffeine for your plants.

Ive been using worm castings for several years now. I am no plant expert and most of the time my plants are seriously neglected, but this stuff keeps them thriving. I have seen worm castings do some crazy stuff to my plants. Taking a weak little plant and turning it into a flourishing one. Once, I had a crown of thorns that produced double headed flowers. My aloe plant and pathos are in love with this fertilizer, as well. My aloe was once struggling, now it is falling over it has produced so much!I have tried other fertilizers. The name brand Miracle Grows, etc. They are all not as good as natural worm castings. I promise you. I know you doubt that and want to go for a name you are familiar with but it will never be as good as worm castings.This is a nice product. It seems to be the same consistency as all the other worm castings I have used over the years. It takes time to see if the product is working well, but based on the products texture, consistency and feel, I believe my plants will be thriving again in no time.My advice is to use 1-2 tablespoons per 6 inch pot. I have no clue if that is accurate but that’s about what I use. I just sprinkle it on the top and give the plant a good drink. I do this every 3-4 months. I know you will think you need alot. I did when I first started using worm castings, too. But, I am telling you, you don’t need much at all and that is what is perfect about worm castings. A little bit goes along way. One of these bags will last me an entire year and I have about 7 plants.10/10 recommend to everyone. Will get again and will gift. Don’t doubt it, just try it.

Seems to be of a great quality

Unsure yet how effective this is. The shipping took a while and I just recently received the product. Applied to several potted plants that are overwintering in the house. The castings are dry and clean of any debree, well-packaged. Unknown how long it's been since harvesting but seems to be good quality overall. I will return and update if I notice any positive or negative, or neutral for that matter, effect on the plants.

Had to laugh

I had to laugh when I saw the name on this product! But what could be a more natural way to build soil for growing healthy plants? I've used it to start some marigolds from seed. I will update this review once I see how well it works. I've had issues before with marigolds not being resistant to weather changes, especially heavy rain, and am hoping this can help.